Thursday, 30 October 2008

That darn colour, again.

This gorgeous photo, from styledigger and featuring Alice Point, which I found here and also saw on, reminded me of my love of the colour peach!

What has happened here is that my dream bag has become a reality, a pink/peach Stam? Yes please! If only I had a spare £3,275...

The Marc Jacobs Stam ostrich is available at net-a-porter. Oh and while we're on thesubject of ostrich...hello lover!

Topshop ostrich feather bolero, £85

This cute top is from etsy, available here.

This dress is also from etsy, available here.
Char x

They've clipped my wings again

Who's excited about Halloween? I am! What's everyone going as? I think I mentioned before that I'm going as Minnie Mouse, not the most original idea but it gives me a reason to act cute all night and wear gloves! Today's outfit;

Wearing my new purple skirt from H&M (I wore it yesterday too, skank!) H&M tights and dress (worn as top). Oh, the cardigan and belt are H&M too...the shoes are Dorothy Perkins though!

Wednesday's outfit; didn't really do much, just a bit of uni work and shopped for the rest of my Halloween costume - 1 more day! Oh, and excuse the hair...sometimes I go out in public with wet hair!

Wearing my H&M skirt, with new tights (also H&M), my ruffled top which was a gift and Zara cardigan. That top makes me look like I am either pregnant or was not genetically blessed with a waist - not great!
These are my new earrings, from my work! They're not diamonds (I wish) but are just CZs with this weird coating that makes them all different colours in the light, like a petrol puddle, you know? It's a shame it doesn't photograph well!

We've been tagged! This time by the lovely Victoria-Olivia of Kiss My Sass. It's called the happy tag, the rules are; mention the person who nominated you. list 6 unimportant things that make you happy. tag 5 blogs. state the rules. notify them with a teeny comment on their blog that they have been nominated.

Ok, so six unimportant things that make me happy;

1. Naps. I nap most days if I have the time!

2. This robot dog in my Mum's office, she works in the University in a sort of geeky computer department and they have one of those i-dog things, it dances and fetches its little toys. It cost £1,600 though so no chance of getting my own!

3. Thinking about my future. Sometimes really far ahead like when I'm old and grey, will I have acomplished everything I want to. Sometimes only as far ahead as Graduation or the middle of next week.

4. A nice cup of tea.


6.Tuna sandwiches. My favourite food!

I tag; Daisy Chain Dreams, Diamond Canopy, Faboo, Highschool Confessional and fellow Edinburger Little Miss Dress Up, the last one's for whoever wants it! Takers?

Char x

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I am in such a happy mood this week, for a number of reasons! My mouth is ALMOST completly healed, hooray! Been a tough few weeks, so take my advice people; TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR TEETH! DO NBOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!
I do realise this whole surgery thing was NOT my fault but let me just say, when you've been through the annoyance and problem-atic issues with your teeth, it is NOT fun! brushbrushbrush peeps! I will never play hockey again after all of this! Not that i have, but just to re-assure, hockey is evil! (No offence to anyone who may play hockey who is reading this, but it's not as fun when someone raises the stick away up at their head and hits the person behind right in the mouth, at a very fast speed! Yup, thats what happened to me *sob).

Anyway, enough about that! Yesterday was an unjoy-ful meet up with my dad then shopping on my own, woop! I got the remaining things for my very good friends' birthday present. Then I popped into H&M and got myself (bad me!! I should be saving, ack well) a lovely wool dress and a cream lace shurg/bolero thing. I am currently wearing the dress just now so it will appear in my outfit pics!

Above is the shrug, I seen it in H&M aaaages ago but never got round to buying it, until yesterday, yay. I was surprised that they were still stocking it. I really love it, hopefully it will be making an apperance soon in an outfit post :)

Today's outfit;
Woop, my faux fur shrug that I posted about a little while back has come to say hello. The dress I am wearing here is the other item I bought along with the lace shrug above. Yuo cannot see it too well, but my battery ran out in my camera before I could take a decent pic of it. I really like it, it fits perfectly! I decided to wear it with a belt around my waist. As I am addicted to this belt, I got it from Camden market last year, it haas a huge bow, but again, battery *grrr*.
Faux fur shurg; New Look. Dress; H&M. Tights; Primark. Boots; I cannot remember, possibly New Look too? Not 100% sure, oops. Bag; vintage (through eBay). I also have some jewellery one here which consists of a vintage pearl necklace (a gift), all my rings are from Accessorize (the bigger the better in my opinion! I adore huge stone, fabulous rings!) & my silver chain necklace is by Dolce&Gabbana, a gift from a close friend.
This look was also posted on, check it out ^_^

Before I go, my sister had borrowed a friends mask for an art project she was doing, I simply HAD to put it on, look how FAB it is!

HOW amazing?! The feathers, the jewels. I wanted to change me entire Hallowe'en costume and go with this but i was not allowed as the mask is merely for show/display as it cost ALOT. Probobly better as I would've broke it or something.
3 whole weeks without a cigarette, how good am I?! Give me praise ;)

Sea x.x.


I need new boots;

These are all from here, it's my favourite street style site - it lets you view Tokyo fashion by area, sweet!
These are just OMFG. No other words...
As are these;
And these;

The last two are both from Schuh. They're not cheap but boots are one of the few things I am actually willing to spend a bit on, since I tend to live in them! The second ones I guess could be DIYed...but I'd probably rather just buy them!

Char x

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

You're made of sunshine

Today I went shopping; popped into my work to get a present for my friend's birthday on Friday (and some earrings for myself!) and of course to H&M! I'll show my purchases at some point but right now I'm too tired!
Dorothy perkins shoes and top, H&M skirt, Topshop cardigan and vintage fake pearls (some from ebay, some thrifted), the earrings are real though!

Did anyone see the new episode of Gossip Girl? Blair's outfit with the green and purple (if I were an editor right now I'd say "jewel tones"...) makes me need something purple to wear with my new skirt.

Char x

ps We've had a little make-over, do you like it?

Monday, 27 October 2008

Minnie Mouse

Today was surprisingly productive; my laptop was being uncooperative so I spent almost the whole day in the library, doing actual work! This week is a reading week for us (no lectures!) so it's a good feeling to actually do something with it.

The boots I bought in New York, the tights are from H&M, the skirt is Topshop, the floral top is from Primark and the bustier is Dorothy Perkins. Check out the charm bracelet I wore today, it has lots of little animals on it! My favourite is the little unicorn in the middle. I bought it as a good luck charm for uni (my degree is Biological Sciences, though my honours subject is Psychology so that's what I do now, confused?) although it's too chunky to wear in exams or when typing!

This was my outfit from Yesterday, Sunday. I had an amzing roast dinner at my Mum's (this picture was snapped in her bedroom!) don't know why I look so scary in the photo...and also chubby, I swear this skirt isn't as unflattering in real life!
The same Topshop skirt, thrifted belt and H&M shirt. I can't believe I have only worn this top twice now, I was so excited to buy it and have never worn it? Myabe because it's a little bit Halloweeny? Though that's appropriate this week, I guess! I LOVE Halloween so I'm really looking forward to it, even though I have work the next day...
Friday's outfit, I dressed a bit casually becuase we had a presentation to give in my lecture. I got myself all worked up about it and fretted all the way up to the front of the class...then realised that we had agreed only one of us was going to speak, not me! So I got all hyped up for nothing!
New Look flats, H&M tights, t-shirt and cardigan and Zara dress. The necklaces are from H&M too.
Thursday's outfit;
Boots from New York, Primark tights, H&M dress and cardigan.
I was shopping in my wardrobe at Mum's yesterday and found the makings of one awesome Minnie Mouse costume, I think that's my new Halloween idea!

Char x

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Shopping in my closet...

So, in these financially difficult times we live in (credit crunch, recession etc...) women's magazines and newspapers are always telling us to "shop in our own wardrobes for new outfits!". Usually, I'm not a big fan of this philosophy, the materialistic bitch in me would rather just have new stuff to be honest! But the other day in Topshop, I admired this skirt and it reminded me of a simlar one from Zara which I had years ago and assumed I had thrown out or given away at some point...
Well, today I found it! It was in a suitcase full of stuff I never wear anymore (ie cropped jeans and embellished vest tops, ew!). Pretty similar though, no?
In addition to shopping in my own wardrobe, I did real shopping the other day and scored this skirt in the Topshop sale (£10.80 with trusty student discount!), which is awesome considering I almost bought it full price anyway!

I suppose the moral of the story (if there had to be one) is that shopping in your own wardrobe and re-discovering lost items is awesome. But real shopping is better.

Char x

ps It's not immediatly obvious so I should point out that last Halloween (see this picture Sea posted) I was supposed to be some sort of mid-eighties Maddonna, hence lace gloves! Basically I found an awesome '80s dress, fell in love and based my costume on the dress!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

cheap & cheerful.

Again, apologies for lack of updates from me. I've had such a stressful week, both at home & at work!
Today however, is my day off and I did a little bit of looking around shops and seeing if I can purchase anything ^_^
Most of my money went on a very good friend of mine. She turns 21 next week, so a gift is of course needed. We are all going out on Hallowe'en for the b-day celebvrations, here is char and myself last year LOL;
Aw, good times! My costume will be the same this year, Batwoman! I love it, even though it is one of those generic sexy superhero ones. I was the only person as Batwoman there last year so that made it a little bit special *yay*. I just hope I still have all the accessories, I better go look for them after this!
Today's purcahse;
It's from New Look, I'm a bit unsue about the brooch that came with it, I may take it off an attach it to coat or a top? I shall see :)
I loved the colour of the fabric and took it instantly *woop*. Its also faux fur, kinda funny material, not sure which! But it is cosy, I think it shall look good with alot of things, such as day dresses and of course, I'll probobly wear it in the evning with a nice dress or top. It could also jazz up some jeans/smart top?
I also bought some Benefit make-up for myself (its pretty expensive but alot of people i know SWEAR by it, so I got some awesome concealer stuff that the counter girl - who was just, so lovely! - offered to put on for me and how to put it on so that itll maximise its use. And honestly, it SO SO good. So long to my usual Rimmel concealer *sorry Rimmel!*.
Here's my outfit from today's little shopping trip;

This photo does not really so this skirt justice, i love this skirt! It can be worn high waisted or on your hips - versatility is fab. Personally, I love wearing it pretty high up!
Shoes; Primark. Tights; also Primark!. Skirt; H&M. Top; Primark. Cardigan; H&M. Jewellery; gifts/accessorize/vintage.
The title of the post comes from where my clothes are from; cheap and cheerful places! & also from;
top song!

Sea x.x.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Dear Mr Bank Manager,

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spend more money...I am a woman in love. With a dress.

asos stud front cami dress

Please forgive?

Char x

ps I found this dress via cute blog Reflections of an Urbanite!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Checking it out.

Hope eveybody is well today! Just today's outfit, a bit under-accessorised I think;
The checked dressis vintage, I got it from etsy, and I always wear it with a Primark boob-tube underneath to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure! Don't know where the tights are from but the shoes are also from etsy and the black top is from H&M.
Check out my watch ring! It doesn't work 'cause there's no battery in it (I might stick one in at work if I remember to take it in with me...) but isn't it fun? I got it from ebay ages ago.
Char x

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


After a week of rubbish-ness, my mouth is starting to heal and get all better. That was a very bad week, living on a diet of soup, toast and scrambled eggs. Not alot of variety, but hey, if it was squidy then I loved it! It took me about 30-45 mins to eat a bowl of soup as my stitches prevented me opening my mouth too wide, pretty awful.

Just a quick post, an inspiration board/things I'm loving right now/that I own or want(!)

Untitled by goo

Sea x.x.

All the young dudes

Excuse the weird pose! This is today's outfit, after being reminded of the comfort of these old boots I decided to wear them again today - it's not often my feet are dry, warm and not sore!
The skirt is actually a dress, from Topshop, I probably shouldn't wear it under t-shirts as it does make me look like I have waist! The t-shirt is from H&M and the tights are tightsplease, the studded cuff I bought in some random goth shop!

Char x

Monday, 20 October 2008

Tiny dancer.

Monday's are so depressing; another week of trying to do work and getting distracted by blogs and parties! I wore my new skirt on Saturday night but didn't really get a picture, sorry! This is today's outfit, I'm having lunch with some friends then meeting my group for this pointless presentation we have to do on Friday. It really is pointless, I mean, it's not even graded and the paper we're speaking about is rubbish! I was definatly inspired by my current love of all things pink/peach when getting dressed this morning, sadly I only own about three such things!

These boots were from Logo (Ican't even say it without an involuntary shiver of digust) last winter but I swear last year I wore them more than any other shoes I own...maybe time to bring them back? The socks are from Topshop, I love them 'cause they are so soft and the exact colour of ballet tights! The lace ribbon in my hair is from the local fabric shop. The tights are H&M, the dress is Zara and the neckalces are H&M and Topshop. I thought the little ballerina was appropriate;

Char x

Princess Peach

I'm really loving peach coloured things right now, they remind me of my ballet days!

Both taken from facehunter.

When I was little, I honestly though I'd grow up to be Princess Peach from Mario Brothers (a brunette version, obvs). Probably a sign that, even though I was a girly girl in the extreme, I spent a lot of time playing Nintendo games with my brother and his friends...also, why was she called Peach if her dress was pink?

I should've bought this at the Topshop student night thing...
Char x

Friday, 17 October 2008

Hi :)
I have not been updating this week as, on Monday, I had awful dental surgery. I mean, I've had some dental treatments in my time but MY GOODNESS this was really bad! I won't go into too much detail but now, my front gums are now all stiched up - HOW horrible?!!

Anyway, gross surgery aside, I cheere dmyself up today with a few purchases; (Both from New Look)
And earlier in the week;

Really rubbish pic, but they sold out on the website and my camera died of battery after taking a picture of the garments above, lol. They're from Topshop and I love them, lots! Comfy too.
Thats all from me, I'll do a better post later, when my mouth has completly healed!
Sea x.x.

Lookout weekend.

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a good weekend! Today I had a really boring lecture followed by a fun lunch - we always have lunch on Friday afternoons, it has become a Psych tradition! So, this was my outfit, I'm sure it's a repeat but whatver!

The dress is from Zara, the tee is Topshop, H&M cardigan and H&M necklaces, vintage shoes (which are falling apart, I need another trip to the creepy shoe place!).
I tried to get a good photo of my new necklace from H&M, can you even see it? It's like little music notes and that thing which I think is called a treble clef? I am so not the musical one in my family!
Thursday's outfit;
I got this cardigan at the Topshop student night (yay for discount!), I used to think red didn't suit me at all but recently I've been loving it! Plus this cardigan goes well with my thrifted boots! I don't think it's wise to wear these boots with a denim mini-skirt actually, I felt like a cowgirl all day! The t-shirt is from etsy, by the way and the bangle is H&M, the skirt is Primark, but I got it off ebay.
Char x


Oh American Apparel, what are you doing to me? You appear to have read my mind and discovered my love of sheer things, things with the letters of my name on and oversize things (they make me feel skinny)...

They didn't have a picture of the Rr version (explanation of R here) but it does exsist!

Char x