Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I heart student discount!

This is Tuesday's outfit;

The shoes are Dorothy Perkins, H&M tights, tee shirt and chains, the blue top was thrifted and the jacket is vinatge from ebay, as is the silver cuff. I cut my face off 'cause my hair is wet and it makes me look like an egg! Topshop student night tonight woop! I'm off for recon....

Monday's outfit;

This sheer jumper/dress thig was a gift from my relatives in Australia, before now I couldn't figure out how to wear it, but I think I like it like this! I'm wearing it with my H&M skirt and tee (which I rolled up and tied at the back like the good ol' 90's days when imitating Sabrina the teenage witch or the pink Power Ranger, you know you did it too!). You can't really tell but I'm wearing my belt bracelet. The shoes are vintage from etsy. I also found another use for my bow brooch, a hair accesory!
Check out how long my hair is, I really need it cut actually - I'm beginning to look like this scruffy urban fox we saw on Saturday night! That thing was mangy, I thought it was just some stray dog - practically a crack fox!

Char x


abdulette said...

I love the first outfit ! I want the same !

DaisyChain said...

Wow, the first outfit! Please be sending it in my direction NOW.

styledigger said...

Oooh I love the first outfit! It's so cute!