Saturday, 25 October 2008

cheap & cheerful.

Again, apologies for lack of updates from me. I've had such a stressful week, both at home & at work!
Today however, is my day off and I did a little bit of looking around shops and seeing if I can purchase anything ^_^
Most of my money went on a very good friend of mine. She turns 21 next week, so a gift is of course needed. We are all going out on Hallowe'en for the b-day celebvrations, here is char and myself last year LOL;
Aw, good times! My costume will be the same this year, Batwoman! I love it, even though it is one of those generic sexy superhero ones. I was the only person as Batwoman there last year so that made it a little bit special *yay*. I just hope I still have all the accessories, I better go look for them after this!
Today's purcahse;
It's from New Look, I'm a bit unsue about the brooch that came with it, I may take it off an attach it to coat or a top? I shall see :)
I loved the colour of the fabric and took it instantly *woop*. Its also faux fur, kinda funny material, not sure which! But it is cosy, I think it shall look good with alot of things, such as day dresses and of course, I'll probobly wear it in the evning with a nice dress or top. It could also jazz up some jeans/smart top?
I also bought some Benefit make-up for myself (its pretty expensive but alot of people i know SWEAR by it, so I got some awesome concealer stuff that the counter girl - who was just, so lovely! - offered to put on for me and how to put it on so that itll maximise its use. And honestly, it SO SO good. So long to my usual Rimmel concealer *sorry Rimmel!*.
Here's my outfit from today's little shopping trip;

This photo does not really so this skirt justice, i love this skirt! It can be worn high waisted or on your hips - versatility is fab. Personally, I love wearing it pretty high up!
Shoes; Primark. Tights; also Primark!. Skirt; H&M. Top; Primark. Cardigan; H&M. Jewellery; gifts/accessorize/vintage.
The title of the post comes from where my clothes are from; cheap and cheerful places! & also from;
top song!

Sea x.x.


Anonymous said...

i loove ur haloween look! oh, i cant wait for yeloween..(its a party here)...

styledigger said...

Great fur!

yiqin; said...

I love what you wore! Mmhmm the skirt is perfect.

DaisyChain said...

I love the fur!
I have a long fur gilet from newlook that I'd totally forgotten about till now! Haha.

Benefit makeup = love.

lopi said...

It's all about the fringe! I hope I'll be able to be catwoman sometime...

Hannah Cheeto said...

Love the Batwoman costume, especially with the red lipstick.