Tuesday, 21 October 2008


After a week of rubbish-ness, my mouth is starting to heal and get all better. That was a very bad week, living on a diet of soup, toast and scrambled eggs. Not alot of variety, but hey, if it was squidy then I loved it! It took me about 30-45 mins to eat a bowl of soup as my stitches prevented me opening my mouth too wide, pretty awful.

Just a quick post, an inspiration board/things I'm loving right now/that I own or want(!)

Untitled by goo

Sea x.x.


Anonymous said...

I love your polyvore set - the red nailpolish give a great splash of colour!

I hope your mouth gets better fast - I hate the feeling of not being able to eat properly too :(

Ariella said...

That is such a pretty set! And feel better soon! The healing process doesn't sound like much fun!