Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Checking it out.

Hope eveybody is well today! Just today's outfit, a bit under-accessorised I think;
The checked dressis vintage, I got it from etsy, and I always wear it with a Primark boob-tube underneath to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure! Don't know where the tights are from but the shoes are also from etsy and the black top is from H&M.
Check out my watch ring! It doesn't work 'cause there's no battery in it (I might stick one in at work if I remember to take it in with me...) but isn't it fun? I got it from ebay ages ago.
Char x


DaisyChain said...

Love the dress and the watch ring is super.

saray said...

love the dress!

Anonymous said...

awesome ring!

and as for the photos, they're for my friends photo styling class so she styled and shot it

Stephanie said...

oh you are so lucky!
RID and a Mighty Boosh... If only both would travel down to Australia.

By the way, your ring is really awesome.

muchlove said...

oooh, I LOVE that ring!