Friday, 17 October 2008

Lookout weekend.

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a good weekend! Today I had a really boring lecture followed by a fun lunch - we always have lunch on Friday afternoons, it has become a Psych tradition! So, this was my outfit, I'm sure it's a repeat but whatver!

The dress is from Zara, the tee is Topshop, H&M cardigan and H&M necklaces, vintage shoes (which are falling apart, I need another trip to the creepy shoe place!).
I tried to get a good photo of my new necklace from H&M, can you even see it? It's like little music notes and that thing which I think is called a treble clef? I am so not the musical one in my family!
Thursday's outfit;
I got this cardigan at the Topshop student night (yay for discount!), I used to think red didn't suit me at all but recently I've been loving it! Plus this cardigan goes well with my thrifted boots! I don't think it's wise to wear these boots with a denim mini-skirt actually, I felt like a cowgirl all day! The t-shirt is from etsy, by the way and the bangle is H&M, the skirt is Primark, but I got it off ebay.
Char x