Sunday, 5 October 2008

I hate my laptop

Hey all!
I must start with an apology for my absence this week! I didn't intend to go AWOL and I am just back from the laptop repair place, £320 poorer so you may have to excuse the foul mood I'm in right now. That's the whole of my overdraft, which I need to live this year, on repairs my laptop - and it's only the third week of uni! I've been working in the computer labs but I felt weird blogging there...I'm sure you understand! The good news is that I have a week's worth of outfits to share, this will probably be the longest post I have ever attempted! Oh, and the supplies for this DIY have been procured!


Lace dress - Topshop, generic black tights, vintage shoes via ebay, cardigan - gift, accessories I can't remember!


Please excuse the unbrushed hair - I promise I did fix it before leaving the flat! Vinatge boots - thrifted, grey tights - Primark, dress - H&M, Dollydagger tee, ebay belt.

On Wednesday night we headed out to our favourite club, had an awesome night (despite my flatmate being, umm denied entry? She was fine; she hates indie music anyway!). I wore my new Topshop tee and skirt thusly:

100 denier tights - H&M, shoes vintage via ebay, skirt and tee - Topshop, studded cuff - some goth shop in Crieff.

Random shoe photo, we all happened to be wearing black shoes...


The "R" tee is from H&M and it does bear some relevance. In an effort to remain semi-anonomous I adopted a pseudonym when I started this blog, "Char" is part of my name, but not my first name! Sorry to be so confusing and mysterious but I wnated to explain the random "R"...The dress underneath is from Zara, the shoes are Dorothy Perkins, the studded cuff is from some random goth shop and the hair clip (I am aware you can't see it) is from H&M.


I had a lecture in the morning and then lunch with uni friends - we plan to do lunch a lot this year since we're not all in the same classes like previous years. The cardigan is from Primark, Logo (ew) tee and Topshop skirt, Primark tights and hair bow, New Look shoes and I am aware that the skirt is probably the most unflattering thing ever but for some reason I continue to wear it!


As usual, I had to work on Saturday but once I was finished I headed to the pub where my brother works for a burger, abusing his discount of course! Shocking to see me in jeans no? This is the first time in at least 4 months I've worn jeans, made a nice change! They're from Miss Selfridge, as are the shoes, the tee is H&M and the bustier/boobtube thing is from Dorothy Perkins, same studded cuff as before. The jacket and scarf picture is included because it was really cold that day! The jacket is from ebay and the scarf was a gift.


That brings us up to date! Today I had lunch at my Mum's and we went to some random gift party at her friend's house. I chose a few stocking fillers for Christmas and my Mum chose her birthday present. I also scored myself a baby-sitting gig, doubt it'll pay off the laptop bill though! Wearing that Topshop skirt again with H&M tights, vintage shoes and an etsy top. I had a jacket etc but my camera battery died, I haven't been able to charge it since my laptop has been broken!

Char x


yiqin; said...

I love the wed outfit! The colors clash well together & the red boots are divine. :)

DaisyChain said...

Super cute outfits =)

Victoria-Olivia said...

Lovely outfits, especially the one with jeans, the bustier over the tee looks fab! I havent worn jeans in soooooo long. I'm oddly having some ebay luck as I never usually bid on items, its a bit stressful!

Ariella said...

So cute. I really like the outfit you wore on Friday since the check cardigan looks darling!