Monday, 27 October 2008

Minnie Mouse

Today was surprisingly productive; my laptop was being uncooperative so I spent almost the whole day in the library, doing actual work! This week is a reading week for us (no lectures!) so it's a good feeling to actually do something with it.

The boots I bought in New York, the tights are from H&M, the skirt is Topshop, the floral top is from Primark and the bustier is Dorothy Perkins. Check out the charm bracelet I wore today, it has lots of little animals on it! My favourite is the little unicorn in the middle. I bought it as a good luck charm for uni (my degree is Biological Sciences, though my honours subject is Psychology so that's what I do now, confused?) although it's too chunky to wear in exams or when typing!

This was my outfit from Yesterday, Sunday. I had an amzing roast dinner at my Mum's (this picture was snapped in her bedroom!) don't know why I look so scary in the photo...and also chubby, I swear this skirt isn't as unflattering in real life!
The same Topshop skirt, thrifted belt and H&M shirt. I can't believe I have only worn this top twice now, I was so excited to buy it and have never worn it? Myabe because it's a little bit Halloweeny? Though that's appropriate this week, I guess! I LOVE Halloween so I'm really looking forward to it, even though I have work the next day...
Friday's outfit, I dressed a bit casually becuase we had a presentation to give in my lecture. I got myself all worked up about it and fretted all the way up to the front of the class...then realised that we had agreed only one of us was going to speak, not me! So I got all hyped up for nothing!
New Look flats, H&M tights, t-shirt and cardigan and Zara dress. The necklaces are from H&M too.
Thursday's outfit;
Boots from New York, Primark tights, H&M dress and cardigan.
I was shopping in my wardrobe at Mum's yesterday and found the makings of one awesome Minnie Mouse costume, I think that's my new Halloween idea!

Char x


Victoria-Olivia said...

So many lovely outfits, and I always love the outfits with the bustier! I think I need to invest in one. Yay, Minnie Mouse, sooo fun to dress up as!

clairegrenade said...

aw yes!

grey+black, you can't go wrong!

great blog!!

lopi said...

Great costume idea! Minnie Mouse is definitely the most stylish cartoon after Jessica Rabbit.
And may I say, what a great blog you have! I've added you to my blogroll and I plan on visiting often from now on!