Tuesday, 7 October 2008

tights and socks.

Hello :)
I could not think of a decent title but it seems to be what ive been wearing on the legs and feet alot this past week! We are getting much colder weather now so its always a good excuse to wear 'em! Although today it is pretty humid, haha! Such strange weather we get, never any good hot sunshine however :(
I have been working alot the past week so (again) I apologise for lack of updates etc. But I have some outfits for this post hurrah. Today is one of my rare days off (haha!), so I have spent alot of the day catching up with cleaning/house work/getting rid of old clothes/bags/anything that I have not worn recently/ever have worn! I took a little break however and watched some old-school O.C. I used to watch this show religiously and was got excited when I seen that it was E4 today, woop!

bahaha worht a picture right?! Oh my, Ryan was my faveorite! Shame the program ended after only a few seasons. But to be fair, the last few season were a bit rubbish. RYAN LOVE!!

A few nights ago last week, Char, myself and a few others were out for a little dance and alot of drinks in Edinburgh. I was stressing what to wear (yet again!) as I'm terrible for buying casual clothes and whenever it comes to a night out with the girls, I never seem to have nice dresses or fancy tops. Well I have a few fancy tops, but I should start buying some decent dresses, I think i only have about 2? *makes another not on the to-do list*
Heres what I ended up wearing;
I chanded about 8 times this night, stress! But I was happy with this in the end :)
Boots; Primark. Trousers; Topshop. Bag; vintage. Top; Topshop. Jewellery; Accesorize/vintage/gifts for my b-day!
Overall it was a fun night, although I had to leave early as I was working the next day but on the plus side, my taxi home only cost me £10 *hooray!*. It usually costs me about £20-£25!! Note to all; keep black cab drivers happy by talking the then the WHOLE WAY HOME!! You'll thank me later for it!!

On that weekend, a few of us had a 21st to attend from a girl we knew from High School (so many 21st's ive attended this year!!). It was crazy seeing people that I had not seen since High School (about 3-5 years ago!) - it was pretty much like a school reunion! It was a good laugh though and I had a fun time, apart from this guy who I hated at school tried it on with me and he already has a g/f - WTF?! Are ALL men like this?!
Boots; New Look. Tights; (my new FAVE pair! you cant see them too well, but they are a lil bit sripey, love 'em!) Topshop. Skirt; (actually my sisters, but she let me wear it, good thing too as shes ALWAYS taking my stuff, even without my consent at time, grrr); Topshop. Dress; (worn as top); H&M. Pearls; vintage from my aunty :)

Some other outfits from during the week;
I think this was to go to work the other day, I did not think that dark brown and the light blue jeans wouldve looked nice, but I tried it on and I think it does, so yay!
Boots; eBay. Jenas; Topshop. Tee; (cant really see it, but it is there!) American Apparel. Cardi; New Look. Scarf; vintage. Bag; Primark.

(a better view of the top - ha!)
this was a few days ago too, I did not realise I had a hole in the tights until I looked back on the pics on my camera, no worries, I changed to un-holed/ripped ones a few minutes later haha!
Surprisingly, this outfit kept me really cosy and snug when I went to meet a friend of mine for coffee, yay snuggly!
Boots; H&M. Socks; H&M. Tights; (unripped ones!) H&M (again!!). Dress (worn as skirt); Zara. Top; Topshop. Long cardi; Primark. Bag & Scarf; also Primark! Some evidence of my little spree at Primark a few weeks ago :)

This is today;
Before my big cleaning mission, I had to run a few errands such as bank, shops etc. Gosh how exciting is my life? LOL! So I thought I'd break open one of the pairs of tights I bought from Primark a few weeks ago. They are super thick and woolly - yay! Kind of like a dark grey or a heather colour I'd say *love*.
Boots; ASOS. Tights; Primark. Skirt; Primark. Top; Topshop (Oxford Circus one! yay). Cardigan; Joy. Bag; vintage.

That's all from me for the time ebing, hope everyone is well :)
Sea .x.x.


DaisyChain said...

Ahh, all these outfits are awesome and the kind of things I wish I owned/could pull off!

Johanne said...

Ohh, I like your outfits, especially the tee in the first pic! Toodles(:

lev_i_mote said...

thank you for the comment! i added you too :)

love the outfits, very nice!


Ariella said...

You pull these outfits off too well! The effortless chic looks perfect on you :)

elisabeth said...

gorgeous outfits!love the boots with skinnies and tights!

yiqin; said...

The top in the first outfit is AWESOME! & you rocked the skirt really well! the print is fantastic.