Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I am in such a happy mood this week, for a number of reasons! My mouth is ALMOST completly healed, hooray! Been a tough few weeks, so take my advice people; TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR TEETH! DO NBOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!
I do realise this whole surgery thing was NOT my fault but let me just say, when you've been through the annoyance and problem-atic issues with your teeth, it is NOT fun! brushbrushbrush peeps! I will never play hockey again after all of this! Not that i have, but just to re-assure, hockey is evil! (No offence to anyone who may play hockey who is reading this, but it's not as fun when someone raises the stick away up at their head and hits the person behind right in the mouth, at a very fast speed! Yup, thats what happened to me *sob).

Anyway, enough about that! Yesterday was an unjoy-ful meet up with my dad then shopping on my own, woop! I got the remaining things for my very good friends' birthday present. Then I popped into H&M and got myself (bad me!! I should be saving, ack well) a lovely wool dress and a cream lace shurg/bolero thing. I am currently wearing the dress just now so it will appear in my outfit pics!

Above is the shrug, I seen it in H&M aaaages ago but never got round to buying it, until yesterday, yay. I was surprised that they were still stocking it. I really love it, hopefully it will be making an apperance soon in an outfit post :)

Today's outfit;
Woop, my faux fur shrug that I posted about a little while back has come to say hello. The dress I am wearing here is the other item I bought along with the lace shrug above. Yuo cannot see it too well, but my battery ran out in my camera before I could take a decent pic of it. I really like it, it fits perfectly! I decided to wear it with a belt around my waist. As I am addicted to this belt, I got it from Camden market last year, it haas a huge bow, but again, battery *grrr*.
Faux fur shurg; New Look. Dress; H&M. Tights; Primark. Boots; I cannot remember, possibly New Look too? Not 100% sure, oops. Bag; vintage (through eBay). I also have some jewellery one here which consists of a vintage pearl necklace (a gift), all my rings are from Accessorize (the bigger the better in my opinion! I adore huge stone, fabulous rings!) & my silver chain necklace is by Dolce&Gabbana, a gift from a close friend.
This look was also posted on, check it out ^_^

Before I go, my sister had borrowed a friends mask for an art project she was doing, I simply HAD to put it on, look how FAB it is!

HOW amazing?! The feathers, the jewels. I wanted to change me entire Hallowe'en costume and go with this but i was not allowed as the mask is merely for show/display as it cost ALOT. Probobly better as I would've broke it or something.
3 whole weeks without a cigarette, how good am I?! Give me praise ;)

Sea x.x.


DaisyChain said...

Love your outfit and the shrug!
Glad your in a good mood.
I'm having teeth issues at the moment, =( sad.

laurakinss said...

three weeks? well done :D
ahh i loved that cream lace shrug, they only had a size 6 and a size 18 left in my h&m so i couldn't buy it :O
love the fur shrug too!! :) x

seralouise said...

love the fur shrug and ur bag . and that feather headress is amazing

wendybird. said...

good job on the three weeks! the longest i can go is about three hours, haha!

love, love, love that shrug. so versatile - cant wait to see it in future outfit posts!

handbagsdealer said...

I like her costume.
it's very beautiful !

Alyssa said...

sorry about the teeth :( but...
I LOVE the lace bolero you got from H&M. and paired with the black dress=amazing :)
Congrats for 3 weeks with out a cigarette!
-Alyssa <3

lev_i_mote said...

looove the shrug, looks prada-esque :)


Victoria-Olivia said...

Aw, that sounds so painful! I was crap at hockey in school.
I love the fur shrug, it looks so cosy! I've tagged you on my blog too :)

Anonymous said...

sowie about the mouth!...that was really painful! sowie. do get well soonest!
fab outfit! love the shrug>

Nita-Karoliina said...

gongrats not smoking!!!!!!<3
that fur fillet thingy is fabulous, you are fabulous!

elisabeth said...

wow 3 weeks!!!well done :D
oh and check out amazon for the 'inspire' book - £19 if you want it from the UK or around £15 if you order it from the US (you have to wait 10 days though for delivery)

heartofpearl♥ said...

omg reoooww that is stunning!! i feel embarrassed with my plain black mask..

Slanelle said...

congratulation for not smoking ;)

M said...

congrats, enjoy life cancer free and able to breathe :) also love the outfit!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I love that shrug too, I'm hoping and praying they have the black one in my size as I need (want) it for my Christmas party!