Tuesday, 30 September 2008


After not posting for a lil bit, I thought it was time for a post from me :)
My work has stopped me from getting any decent outfit pictures I'm afraid, how much does uniform SUCK?!?!
Anyway, a few nights ago, a friend and mysekf went to go see the film Pineapple Express, very much a stoner movie. It was hilarious and a great film to watch! James Franco (Gucci fragrance boy and Spider-Man's friend Harry Obsorne!) looked so cute in this film with long hair, his character was the spaced out weed dealer. HOW CUTE?!;
(He is on the right, just incase anyone is unawares - shame on you! LOL).
This is what I wore to el cinema;
Apolgies about thsi picture, I was in a rush and my friend had arrived as soon as my camera took this picture so I was dashing about etc.
Top; Topshop. Vest (underneath); Dorothy Perkins. Skirt; American Apparel. Tights; H&M. Clutch; Primark & Ring; vintage.
I had my slippers on at the time, but they are from Topshop incase anyone is interested ha!

I remember a few posts back that Char had noticed that New Look had started tagging their items with season abbreviations. I found on my mums top that she had bought from Next, the same sort of tagging system!
Gosh, sorry again about the quality, darn fuzzy-ness! Plus my camera was about to run out of battery so I just took a quick picture and kept this one :) Notice how it also says A/W? Just like the New Look tags Char mentioned.

I must be off for now as I am heading to the new Topshop store today, pretty soon! I really do not think I can purchase anything, but I think temptation may get the better of me. Especially after seeing this beauty on the website;
sequins!!!! *love*
Sea .x.x.

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