Friday, 12 September 2008

Come with us now on a journey through time and space...

Oh my god, last night was so fun! We saw The Mighty Boosh live and it was the first show of the tour, it was awesome! If you haven't seen the Boosh, please do so immediatly! The only thing that ruined my night was waiting in the merchandise queue for ages for a cute bag, only for the last one to be sold to the girl right in front of me! I got a mug instead though so it's all good! There were not as many people dressed up as I thought either, don't worry I didn't dress up! I was tempted though...I didn't take outfit photos but I basically repeated this outfit; checked dress, big yellow bow, tights...Oh, and we hung around the stage door afterwards to see them come out. In the words of my friend M, "You were like 10 cms from Noel? That's like 1cm from his awesome hair!". Amen.

This was my outfit from during the day, my friend F and I went thrifting but I didn't buy anything 'cause I am poor! F got me an awesome bracelet though as part of my birthday present! It has pearls, I hope she brings it tonight so I can wear it to my party tonight! My party is tonight even though my birthday's not till Wednesday, I'm making my birthday a week-long event this year, apparently!

I love ankle boots but they are so not flattering! Thunda thighs! So these are my new thrifted boots, my usual tightsplease tights, H&M dress which I wore like two days ago and H&M tee. I think the headband is H&M too but it is truly ancient, pre-Gossip Girl! My new flatmate arrives on Sunday, eep! My mum freaked me out by putting the idea into my head that her Mum would like check every nook for dirt so I'm off to clean the fridge! Very glamourous on the day of my big party!

Char x


Dee. said...

Nice boots!

DaisyChain said...

I love your boots,
I hate how ankle boots look on me, they really shorten my legs!