Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bows make life good

This is our 100th post!
This is today's outfit, just a lazy Sunday for me as we were out last night for Sea's 21st! More about that later...I had to blac the faces out on these pictures because I'm not wearing enough make-up and they were hideous! Really, I'm doing you guys a favour I promise.

I love this dress, I bought it when I was in New York at Christmas time, which was my birthday present from my Mum and the most amazing fun ever! I absolutly love New York, I knew that before I even got there. It's a really inspiring city and probably my second favourite place in the world (after Edinburgh becuase most of the people I love are here!). The dress is from H&M, I forgot to even mention that! The tights and black top are also H&M, shoes from Dorothy Perkins, the yellow top with bow is from ebay, one of those shops that sells things from Japan/North Korea which are really bad quality but really cute. I bought a bunch of stuff like that last year when I was fascinated my Japanese street fashion (I still am!) and all I ever searched on ebay was "kawaii" + dress/top/jacket. The red bag is vintage, I got it from ebay.
Close-up bow shot!
So, as I already mentioned, last yesterday was Sea's 21st birthday! The birthday girl looked awesome in the sweetest dress and pearls (you probably know how much I love pearls by now!) I leant my pearls to our friend F for the occasion, I hope I get them back soon! This was my outfit, you'll have to excuse the blacked-out face/awful photography - I took these at the end of the night!
Generic black tights, skirt - H&M, top/dress - DKNY Pure (another New York purchase! Thanks bloomingdale's sale! I was terrified of stainging this last night because it's pure silk and I'm rubbish with light colours so I was avoiding any coloured drinks!), studded belt - H&M. Apologies again for the rubbish pictures!
Below, I seem to be attempting the "dry shampoo", and I swear I only had three drinks!

You can't see my shoes in these pictures (they were off my feet by that point anyway!). These are the result of my feet hurting at work and me venturing out to buy "sensible" shoes to ease the pain. These are not sensible shoes. I swear they were trying to break my ankles last night, they don't even look that high but I have low tolerance for heels. It's really only this year I've started wearing heels with any frequency.
This was Friday's outfit, I didn't do anything that exciting - just dinner with my Mum -but I think it further demonstrates my unconditional love for bows right now.
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins, tights/skirt - primark, top/dress (with bow!) - ebay (another Japanese/Korean purchase where the shipping costs double what the item does). Cardigan - Topshop, bow bangle - asos.
So that was our 100th post, here's to 100 more!

Char x


Victoria-Olivia said...

Well done on the 100th post!
Oh yes I've brought things from them type of ebay stores, theres such nice items but dont last well! Lovely outfits.

Beanie said...

Happy 100th! Love the DKNY top - it looks great with that belt. And those blue heels are fab, they may not be sensible, but they are very cute!

Anonymous said...

ooooh those grey shoes are so pretty

Miss Victory said...

You're making me miss New York! I went at xmas time too and I cried when I left. Two weeks there felt like a spell-binding life time. Leaving it was like leaving an old friend.
I love your white dress. The decorative empire line is beautiful.

Honeymoon said...

Very nice outfits !

Little Miss Dress Up said...

love love love the shoes!!!!!!!!