Saturday, 30 August 2008

Bonjour! (I am trying to brush up on my French before I go to Paris!)
This has not been a good week for me, in terms of being ill! On Sunday, I managed to catch myself a lovely cold/flu, and a chest infection. Plus I still had to go into work, it was such a horrible feeling! Being all bunged up and runny nose, terribly sore thorat and a very chesty cough, urgh! But now, everything seems to be going away, I've nearly had it for a week so here's hoping it is away before I go away!
Recently, I've become obsessed with these leggings/trousers (left) - I am terrible at telling The Twins apart.
So, scouring websites, shops a good few times, I eventually found some. Such as the fab American Apparel lamé leggings (but I really do not wish to pay, what, £29 for them?) One day during this week on one of my days off, I met up with a friend and popped into a nearby Topshop and found these fabby ones (excuse the long link); As soon as I seen 'em, I had to buy them. Although not as similar as The Twins' ones, I seemed to liked these a bit more! How I wore em on different occasions is to follow!
A friend turned 21 on Thursday, but due to people not being able to come out on his actual b-day, we had a few drinks at a local on the Friday, debuting my new leggings, heres what I wore;
Apologies for the bad lighting etc, anyway; Dress/Top; H&M. Cardigan; I am unsure, it does not have a label/any tag things - I found this in a drawer last night ha. Leggings; Topshop. Heels; H&M.
And today I am wearing my leggings again (loving them alot haha) a la;
Shirt; New Look. Leggings; Topshop. Bag; ASDA (hehe). Trainers; Urban Outfitters in London.

Oh my gosh, I'm sure alot of you have seen this but I felt I had to post a picture about it;

Karl and his newly desinged teddy bear! Ahhh LOL, is there anything this man has not yet designed?! Love the high collar! Check out the little article to go with the picture at;

Ariella of Pearls In Your Hair, here are my answers from the taggage you left us! (Again, apologies for the late response)!

1. Clothes shop: Quite a few really, but I've become a huge H&M-er recently! So that is my answer :)

2. Furniture shop: I really like NEXT home ware things! They have some really good beds and sofas, although I'd have to say the fave is IKEA. That place is awesome, and affordable! Get an awesome bed for under £100, woop!

3. Sweet: I really like those candy canes you get at Christmas time, yum.

4. City: Edinburgh is probobly my number 1. Although I've been to London a fair few times and fall in love with it all over again each time I go, its truly a fantastic place. OH! & after next week I may even get to say Paris!

5. Drink: Big Diet-Coke fan here. Although water is great too. Omg ice tea too! Ah I cant decide! Depends if you're asking me hot or cold drink maybe? haha! Those 3 above I think :)

6. Music: Music is my hot hot sex said CSS. I love music! Collecting vinyl from the 1960's is a habit of mine, enjoy anyhting from the shangri-la's to slipknot to McFLY to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, my music taste is vast! I have recently become quite a fan of Jack Johnson too.

7. Tv-series: Friends!! I could watch that forever! I never tire of some good ol Ross Geller hilarity.

8. Films: Tim Burton films are my ultimate fave of all time. I remember seeing the Nightmare Before Christmas when I was really young and loved it, that love-age has been with me all through most of my life. So a few of my faves are; Edward Scissorhands, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Shawshank Rdemption, Toy Story, Jurassic Park (wow! lol), 10 Things I Hate About You. Quite a few really lol.

9. Work out: blank LOL.

10. Pastries: hmmm, raspberry danish pastries are yum :)

11. Coffee: PLEASE! I love coffee, usually I take it with skimmed milk.

So, gonig to Paris on Thursday & I am stuck as to what to wear when I travel? We have a pretty travel-some day when we leave as we are not flying (i am TERRIFIED!) from Edinburgh, it is going to Preswick (SP?!). Then we have our flight, getting from airport to hotel etc etc. So I was thinking of some sort of loose fitting clothing - I dont want to feel like wearing tight jeans on a plane, is it just me or is that not a bit dangerous, with the pressure, your legs being in the same position all the time?! so yes, I'm veering towards ripped loose fitting jeans, one of my American Appparel tee's (theyre quite loose fitting as I usually buy one size up) & a long/boyfriend cardi maybe? Any thoughts and comments are welcome on this situation as I'm starting to pack soon!
Sea x.x.


Dapper Kid said...

Ooo love the leggings and that shirt is fantastic!! Hope you're feeling better :) Have fun in France!!!!

DaisyChain said...

Ohh I love the leggings. I think I need a pair, hmm.
My bank account doesn't quite agree.
Also..gotta love asda for bags/random things!


LaCouturier said...

love the leggings!

Krissy said...

you're going to paris?!? you lucky duck. i love one of the olsens studded jacket (i can't tell them apart either) and your outfits

Sugar Pop said...

i love both shirts you wore, the plaid one really reminds me of a jacket...but, it's really great because of that :)

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