Monday, 4 August 2008

Lucky, lucky. You're so lucky.

Hey there!
I am in an incredibly good mood today despite the fact that my work called at 9.15 waking me up, to blame me for a voided sale that happened because the customer yanked their card out too early. Why phone to tell me that, I honestly don't care on my day off! Anyway, the good mood started with sunny weather and then a huge package arrived for me from my Dad and Stepmum in Australia! I've expressed my love of Australian shops here before, so I was majorly excited to see what they had sent me! It's obviously a challenge for them to send clothes here that I'll get decent wear out of becuase of the differance in climate, they live in tropical conditions and complain of the cold when the teperature drops below 20c whereas at that temperature I'm too hot! I live my life in tights and scarves not flip-flops and swimwear! Anyway, I did a mini-photoshoot with some of my new clothes. When I say photoshoot I mean I quickly shoved them on with very little styling and took poor-quality photos with no face because I had no make-up on yet. One of the first things I pulled out was this little tiered floral mini and I was really pleased because that's one thing I never got round to buying myself this summer, despite them being everywhere. I love how they make your legs look longer, maybe because they're really short? Somehow shortness works well when combined with ruffles!
This is what I'm actually wearing today. The shoes are vintage, I got them from ebay and the blue top is from Primark! I usually wear the blue one (it's a kind of boring vest with ugly lace which makes it look as cheap as it was) as PJs but it went so well with the bluebells on the skirt that it may yet see the light of day. The grey top is H&M. The skirt's Dotti by the way for any Australian readers!
Why is it that black shoes look so freakin' amazing with black opaque tights? A womens' magazine would probably say that monochromatic looks lengthen the legs and suit all bodytypes. I'll go with that.
The next one is really weird becuase I had actually drooled over it on the dotti website and even contemplated ordering it before finding out that they don't ship internationally. It was so similar to (a more expensive) Topshop top that I had also craved. I think my stepmum read my mind. Either that or she spoke to my stepsister, who runs the blog zen trend!

Shoes and tights as before (lazy, lazy me!). The "skirt" is a Primark boob tube. As I said before, they did really well to pick out things I'll be able to wear lots over here, even into autumn/winter like this jumper dress (probably not really a dress but my moto is if it covers the ass area, it's a dress!) why this would even be on sale in tropical North Queensland, I have no idea! Though the family were complaining of being cold the other day...lies! Wasn't I saying I wanted more black in my wardrobe to match a certain awesome birthday present I know I'm getting?

Worn with the same shoes, tights and Primark "skirt" as well as a Topshop vest. You got a little bit of face in that last one! Ignore the early morning (ok 11ish) greasiness! This next thing I love, I say "thing" becuase I don't even know what it is but it looks to me like what would happen if a dress and a jumper had a baby but maybe the jumper was half cardigan, on his mother's side. Maybe I'll call it a jress or a drumper. It's cute anyway and looks really nice on!
I love how this top looks like vintage lingerie and it feels lovely on too. Quite summery I suppose but I can always layer once it gets colder here.
I love the vintage feel of this top too, I'm seeing it tucked nicely into soemthing high-waisted, yum! And under cardigans in the winter, of course! Actually they also sent me the most beautiful grey cardigan (two things I love, grey and cardigans!) which I'll have on as soon as there's a cloud in the sky.
My Dad also sent this watch, a gift from a business trip to Hong Kong. I'm not usually a watch person (it's like being left-handed I think, you either are or are not a watch person) but for some reason I actually really love this! Maybe it's because it looks like it came from the future and arrived in a little sort of pod or maybe it's because it feels like it's made out of wetsuit. Either way I love it and I'm going to wear it, even though I'll never remember to use it to check the time! I have my phone for that...which may be a good thing 'cause it might be difficult to set to the right time! There was also a beautiful handbag which no doubt you'll see soon in an outfit post becuase it's the perfect size for daytime and lots of scarves and accessories which I love too! If any Australian readers (or anyone really!) want to know where things are from just leave a little comment!
I know that this post may make me look a bit spolied but it is nearly my birthday and I can assure you I do not have packages like this landing on my doorstep every week! As much as I love my new things (and I do!) they are in no way a replacement or a substitute for quality time spent with my family (if I'm lucky, I see my Dad once a year and the girls every second Christmas when they visit their Dad) who I miss like crazy! Just to pre-empt any anonomous comments or "what a brat" thoughts you may have had. I work hard to earn my own money and try to take as little as possible from either of my parents, as I'm sure many of you do too! I'm happy as I have some more good things for going back to uni and the colder weather and I won't have to shop for the rest of the month! I know, I can't believe I just said I'm happy not to shop but recently I have been buying rather a lot, especially for someone who's trying to clear an overdraft!

Well I'm away to tidy my room (I'm thinking of doing a tour of my wardrobe/room, which amount to the same thing 'cause my flat's tiny, daddylikey style. Thoughts?)

Char x


WendyB said...

Cute stuff!

ray said...

WOW lucky you! i never get parcels like that:) great clothes,love the skirt&ruffle vestxxx

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