Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Dressing like a child, again

I'm having such a crappy time just now, working two jobs - going straight from one job to the other! I don't want to turn this into a pity party or anything but it's starting to piss me off that I was hired to work Saturdays only and they continue to dump more and more hours on me during the week. Even my old job, which I left at the start of the summer is giving me a shift but as it's a favour to Sea (who's going to PARIS!) I shan't least not till I'm back in the ugly uniform! Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday, another outfit which makes me look like a toddler! I did nothing exciting, lunch with my mum after meeting a potential flatmate then a bit of shopping (mostly uni stuff but I did get a new ipod to make my filing job less mind-numbing, tis purple!). Then to work, the joys! Oh and I found this weird cheap shop, maybe it's called QS or something, but it's vaguely Primark-y and has cute but very cheap shoes...

The dress is from Primark, I should really iron it before the next wear but I never really do ironing! I miss the days of living at home and paying my brother to do it (yes, really), he's surprisingly good actually. The shoes are ancient Dorothy Perkins, tights are from tightsplease, the socks I got for £1 in New Look. You can see how much I can't be bothered right now by the lack of accessories!

Just a quick post as I am on my way to work, of course. Getting sick of the suit, too.

Char x


DaisyChain said...

You look cute.
Sorry life isn't so great right now. Working is never fun.

Anonymous said...

At least working heaps means you'll have heaps of money... I like the socks over tights, it's a look I don't think everyone could pull off!

Dapper Kid said...

Cute outfit :) Love the socks and the dress is super. Hope work is going ok!