Monday, 4 August 2008


Ok, I shall start off with my outfit from yesterday, I wore this to go to dinner with my mum & sister for an after-birthday meal for us. My sister and myself have only one day between our birthdays - mum didnt plan that very well LOL.

Shoes; Topshop. Tights; Primark. Skirt; Primark. Vest top/dress (worn as a top); H&M. Cardigan; H&M.

Anyway, it was my birthday on the 2nd. I had one of the best birthdays ever, I had such a good day/night! Thank you to the people who commented on my last post wishing me a happy birthday! Here are some of the things I got;
laptop from my mum (WOOO!), marc by marc jacobs watch from my dad, a dolce&gabbana chain in the shape of a key from a very good friend of mine, a topshop voucher worth £50 & a set of vintage pearls from my two cousins, aunty and uncle - the pearls where from my aunty's wedding day! I was like; are you sure I can have these?! Also; money, alcohol and boxes of chocolates from my grandparents, a gorgeous jewellery box from another very good friend of mine, she filled the box with tonnes of different items of jewellery (including a name necklace YAY!), a cute striped jumper, vintage party bag, sweets, necklace, bracelet & fab yellow nail polish from Char & F (thank you!!), various drinks from people - including Cosmo's LOL, Daisy perfume by marc jacobs from my sister. another gorgeous jewellery box & from work people; the marc jacobs Daisy perfume ring, soap & glory hand lotion, 'Fashion Now' book and a fab passport holder!
Phew! I am so grateful and lucky to have people that care about me to get me such lovely gifts! I am very fortunate and cannot thank them enough *LOVE*. Here are some pictures of my presents;

In my previous post, I mentioned going into town to get something to wear for the b-day 'do. This is what I bought (i lovelovelove it so much!) & wore on the night;

Please ingore the state of the room/the eeyore cuddly toy in the background/my knees (they looks so weird)/slighty open cupboard & my blacked out face, it wasnt a very pretty moment so it had to be done LOL!.
So overall, I had a fantastic birthday, ahhh I'm 21!!

Today's outfit;

Quite similar to the other one, but i'm a sucker for skirts like this!
Shoes; Topshop. Skirt; American Apparel. Tee; Primark. Cardigan; H&M.
This was worn to do a little bit of shopping with my mum today. I tried to see if I could get some clothes with birthday money & my voucher! Howver, I did not see that much - always the case with me; having money to spend but seeing nothing and when I am skint, there is so much nice stuff that I cant afford haha.
I did however get; Chanel foundation, cute bow top from Topshop, striped dress from H&M and some make up sponges haha!

I'm thinking of going to Glasgow on Friday as we dont have a Primark/Urban Outfitters or an American Apparel here in Edinburgh. I'll definatly be able to spend alot of cash then haha!

Sea .x.x


Fantabulistique said...

Happy Birthday for the 2nd.

You're so lucky to get a £50 voucher for TopShop, I'm lucky if I get a £10 voucher.

Anyway, You're blog is so cool,
Do you mind if we swap links.

(p.s I can't beleive there is no Primark in Edinburgh)

Miss Victory said...

I have the stripey H&M top in black. :) Love this blog. Always so engaging.

I would absolutely kill for your legs. :P

Dapper Kid said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay! Totally love the first outfit and that dress is stunningly pretty! Annnd your gifts sound amazing, your dad is so cool!!

Honeymoon said...

I luv the first one !

ray said...

happy birthday.i am so jelous of all your lovly presents!and i LOVE the pink dress you bought,where is it from?i must know!xxx

emily said...

the dress you bought is the most fabulous thing i've ever seen. it's so amazing!

M @ Wearfare said...

Love fashion but don't have the biggest budget? Check out this blog: - mostly models. 24/7.

paige olivia said...

ooh happy birthday for the 2nd!
i love your blog
i got a 30 quid topshop voucher for my birthday =)
check out my blog if you can

kimvee said...

Love your presents! hehe Where is that jewelry organizer from? I love it!

Claire.x. said...

hey there!

Just read through all yr posts, yr blog is super :)

hope you had a fab b-day!


DaisyChain said...

Just stumbled accross your blog,
you have great style.
And a belated Happy Birthday.

DaisyChain said...

I think I shall take the dress up, I like things shorter too.

Swapping links- great idea. Will add you to my list now x

girl on the wing said...

Happy birthday for the 2nd!
That's a pretty good haul of presents!

Claire.x. said...

hii again lol.

Thanks for the comment! I'd luv to swap links but dunno how? literally just set up my account days ago!!


MR style said...

oh happy birthday !! wish u the best

daddylikeyblog said...

Happy late birthday, darling! And congrats on your fab gifts!

The Clothes Horse said...

That floral dress is darling and what a great list of gifts! I seriously need a holiday to come soon--I prefer gifts so much more than buying myself what I want! ^_^