Tuesday, 9 September 2008


This morning I awoke at a leisurely time and, after making myself a cup of green tea (with orange and lotus flower), I returned to bed to do some blog-reading and usual internet/relaxing activities. It was in this relaxed state that I was horrified by a mouse emerging from under my bed, where I keep my tights for god's sake! Nasty little brown thing...I immediatly got dressed and went to this shop near my flat which sells everything and stocked up on mouse-killing supplies. Yes, I do realise that it is very inhumane to kill mice rather than trap them live and release them, but as I live in the city I'm afraid it's the only option. To release it outside is pointless becuase it can easily scurry back in. I know that mice are a common feature of living in a big city and almost everyone I know who lives in Edinburgh has seen at least one, they are especially common in old tenement buildings like mine, which have ample nooks and crannies for them to scrabble around in. The logical part of my brain tells me that they live everywhere and are not drawn in only by dirt, but it stills unsettles me that they are finding some way to live in here and that they have been scrabbling around my home. Needless to say, a big clean is now underway!
Today's outfit! It reminds me a lot of the outfit I wore for Sea's 21st birthday, I suppose because it incorporates 90% of the same garments!

The shoes are vintage, form etsy, the tights (which are woolly - Autumn is here!) are from H&M, as is the skirt. The top is Dorothy Perkins, I bought it in the sale last week. I'm not usually a huge fan of Dotty P's but you should check out the sale 'cause there are some pretty good things in it, and good prices too. The studded belt is also H&M and the ever-present Dotti bangle was a gift from family in Aus (they have told me to expect something else around my birthday, squee!), the cardigan and grey tee are also H&M!

I was drawn to this top (actually, I thought it was a dress and on someone shorter than me, ie anyone not me, I think it would be!) because of the exposed zipper, which is something I'm loving just now! Only about a year after most bloggers but whatevs...I think they add a kind of bad-ass element to clothes which could otherwise be too cute.

I also picked up this basic black tube top, which also boasts an exposed zip. Mostly I thought it'd be useful for layering over/under sheer tops, like so;

Excuse the bra straps/stupid faces, maybe the new season of ANTM is getting to me already! Did anyone else piss themselves laughing at (note: not with) Alpha J, Beta J and The Tyra Bot, because I kinda did! I laughed nearly as hard as I did at the British accent in the first episode of new Gossip Girl!
In other news, Topshop sent me a birthday card! I got a Topshop Card a while ago (I know, I know, hardly a very fiscally responsible move but I wanted my birthday dress and it was a week till payday, ok?) and all the junk came today, including this card (which gives you 10% off - pointless since I get that with my student card anyway!) and an "exclusive" A/W '08 lookbook, which I may post later but it's basically the same as the one of the web!

Char x


DaisyChain said...

I hate mice! Thankfully my old and dribbly cat is an excellent mouse catcher
(though not so thankful he then leaves them on my pillow).

That green tea sounds amazing. I adore green tea with Jasmine, but I'm gonna have to try this one! Where is it from?

Sara Louise said...

eek mice!hope you got rid of them all! i'd love to swap links! i've added you to my links now :)

you have made me very tempted to sign up for the topshop card just in case,as I can't get 10% off anymore as i'm not a student anymore :(

Little Miss Dress Up said...

Im so glad my flat in Edin is mice-free! (oh the joys of living in a newly built flat.) I'd immediately move out if I ever saw one!! hahaha.

Are the sales still on? im heading back to rain-ville (aka Edinburgh) in two weeks and I want to get my hands on some steals!