Friday, 26 September 2008


I'm in a super good mood today, after a morning lecture I had lunch with a school friend and we checked out Edinburgh's new Topshop! It's at least twice the size it used to be and with birthday vouchers/money and carboot sale profits I was looking forward to a good browse. Browsing's always better when you can actually buy things too! More on that later, first some outfits! This is what I wore for my first lecture which was yesterday (got to love sparse fourth year timetables, two lectures a week - score!). I think I was doing head-down blogger posing because I was tired and my face was rank;

Vintage shoes from etsy, H&M wooly tights, H&M dress (old!) and tee, vintage cuff/bangle from ebay. The hairbow, which I bought originally for my birthday party, is from Topshop. My new flatmate said "Noone over 10 should wear bows." and "You look like Mickey Mouse.". I don't think she intended to be bitchy, she's just more of a jeans and a cute top girl, but it is weird living with someone so different from me and my friends. All my flatmates have been that way actually, I sort of confuse them!
Last night I headed over to a work mate's flat for a cocktail party, I actually only tried one cocktail - called the Anal Probe - and I would not recommend it! Seriously, it smelled toxic! We (another work friend and I) didn't stay long as we both had lectures today and I didn't want to face Topshop hungover, but it was a great party. Outfit;

Please excuse the photos! I had to take them in my room (which is tiny, I am at one end and the camera is at the other!) becuase my flatmate was weirdly hovering in the hallway. I probably wore the hairbow again to annoy her...You can't really tell in the photos but I'm wearing the bustier/boobtube thing I got in the Dorothy Perkins sale over a vintage sheer cami-thing. It didn't work that weel because the cami just isn't that sheer but oh well! I thought I'd also get another wear out of the star-print skirt, from Therapy at House of Fraser. The bangle was a gift from family is Australia. I actually changed into darker tights, as below;
Kept the same vintage shoes on even though the sole is coming off! We walked for an hour to get to the flat too, Southern Comfort being consumed along the way, even though it's a maximum of 20 minutes away, we just kind of rambled!

Today's outfit;

The shoes (which are also falling apart) are from Dorothy Perkins, the tights are H&M, the skirt is from Oasis (sale!), the tee is H&M and the blue top thing was thrifted (75p!). Same vintage bangle as yesterday...

Please excuse the chin(s) in the photo! The long necklace is from H&M and the little ballerina is Topshop.

Onto today's shopping trip! I got this leopard tee, which I had seen on the website and loved, even though I don't think it's my usual style (not girly enough, I suppose!) but I still love it, even though it looks kinda sad, I think in the eyes! Also I usually don't wear things that give people an excuse to stare at my chest! Honestly, I was visually molested by two men today whilst eating lunch, mealtime perving is most inappropriate! I got these lovely over-the-knee socks too, they are so soft and the prettiest peach/pink colour, like ballet tights!
I stole this picture from the website as the skirt didn't photograph too well...also, the website describes it as "flannel" which sounds icky and juicy-couture-esque, but the skirt is actually a nice heavy sort of wool material.
I also got a pair of lace leggings, I'm pretty certain it's these ones! I know, trendwhore!
I still had a little money left (shocking, I know) so we headed to H&M where I got this little skirt, not sure yet how it will look on as I had had enough of changing rooms by that point! It does look rather body-con but perhaps it will be tight enough to hold in the muffin tops?
I'm trying to get people to go out tomorrow night so I can wear my new clothes! I am a ridiculous person...

Char x


Nita-Karoliina said...

i a love those new things!!! so cool!

Hannah Cheeto said...

I love the stuff you bought, especially the t-shirt. And don't let your flatmate talk you out of wearing bows!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow!!love all of it..i love topshop!they give me the

Anonymous said...

ey that leopard tee is fierceeee:)

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I love the first outfit especially, I just adore that color of blue/purple with black!

And sure I'd love to exchange links, I'll go add you when I'm done writing this. And oh yeah, it's fine if you used the Teen Vogue pictures, it's not as if I own them, so it's fine ;) Although I couldn't find your post with them... :/ Could you give me a direct link to it? :)


WendyB said...

Love those lace leggings.

Victoria-Olivia said...

So many lovely things. That ballerina necklace is the cutest! Ha I know what you mean about wanting to go out when you get pretty new things!

Slanelle said...

the tiger shirt and the leggins are SO great !