Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Somewhat bored today, hence the slightly dull outfit. I thought I'd post it anyway, in the interests of daily updates. I'm saving all my energy for tomorrow, The Mighty Boosh live tour, and the day after - my birthday party! I am aware that these photos create the illusion that I have no waist, but I promise you I's under all the layers!
I got this brown hoodie thing, it's wool-ish material but kinda thin, in Zara a couple of years ago but never really liked it because I didn't think it flattered my *cough* chest area. I still don't think it does actually. The tee is from primark and the dress is from ebay, I have my battered New Look wedges on the feet.
Oh! And the mouse came back yesterday evening for round two of the freak out. I was watching Gossip Girl on the laptop, facing the door of course and he poked his head under. I screamed and he retreated. Major cleaning was done, a pet cat was considered, tears were shed, traps were set and the numbers of several 24-hour pest control companies duely noted. Whilst I find the idea of a dead animal equally disgusting and unclean as a live one, I hope he goes for the traps because it freaks me out that he's living so close to my tights and underwear. My mum suggested I go home last night but I decided to stay and guard the clothes, aren't I brave?
Char x


DaisyChain said...

Cute cute cute. I can never get the hang of layering. I end up looking like a blimp!


Victoria-Olivia said...

The shoes look rather lovely. Layering is one of the best things about this cold weather. Sounds like you will be having a fab few days, hopefully the mouse will go!