Tuesday, 6 January 2009


This girl is rocking so many things I love, all in one outfit; white tights, leather, fur, and a haircut not unlike mine!

Does anyone else think this girl's look is like a less skanky Serena Van Der Woodsen? Don't get me wrong I love S but her school outfits, in particular, border on vulgar!

Sorry the pictures are so small! I got them from here.
Char x


saray said...

Great looks..
I really need white tights

Thu said...

i was just watching gossip girl last night. loveeee =]

Stephanie said...

Red yellow and white all in the same outfit, always reminds me of McDonalds, however, never fails to really look like a wonderful outfit. I don't even like McDonalds, how strange.

Ariella said...

That's indeed two very nice outfits! I really like both of them.

Haha, I sort of agree with you about Serena. Her skirts and dresses do tend to be a tad too short, but then again, she does have the body for it.