Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Double-sighted Scotch Youth

January is flying by, I can't believe it's the 26th already! The title is from my History of Unorthodox Psychology lecture today, we were looking at mesmerism and other related early 19th century weirdness...I wore my new dress today (bad Char...shopping before payday!) with my Luella cardigan and pearls, it was very Stepford Wives! The dress is actually the one from my shopping list, the new season stuff at New Look is actually (mostly) really nice, I'd advise you to check it out, if like me you're craving Spring dresses and such!

You can't really see in these pictures but I also bought some new knee-high socks in H&M on Saturday. The shoes are from Topshop and the pearls were a 21st present from my Dad.

Yesterday (Sunday) I headed back to my Mum's for a Burn's supper, she had about 10 guests as well as the family so it was a bit cramped around the table! I wore my other pair of new H&M socks, they're a bit of an annoying length but I was tolerate it as they remind me of the socks I wore to Primary school with my sandals and summer dresses!

I wish this etsy dress was just a little bit longer! The lace shirt is from ebay and the cuff was a present, the boots were a Christmas present from my Gran.
This was Friday's outfit;

I'm wearing the same boots, Topshop socks, a New Look skirt (which I hated when I bought it last Spring, but I'm warming to it...). The black top is from H&M and the cardigan is from Topshop, I think the headband is from H&M. The chain was thrifted.
Thursday's outfit (somehow I am really far behind on outfits!);

The shoes are from New Look, the socks are H&M as is the skirt, and the top is from New Look, the cardigan is Luella and I'm wearing the same thrifted chain.
Wednesday's outfit;

I wore my Topshop shoes and Zara dress with an H&M belt and thrifted chain, the jacket is H&m and I have no idea where the gloves are from but they make me look like a mime artisit! The brooch is from Topshop.
Oh and I thrifted the most awesome Rodarte-esque jumper thing, I'll show it to you at some point!
Char x


Demi said...

thank you honey :)
red tights would look great with your new dress, as it would really pop the red in your dress out!
I love new looks 'new look', some of their dresses are gorgeous, but unfortunately all the crew necks they have don't suit me!

lovely outfits
oh and could we trade links please honey?


Strawberry Fields said...

fabulous dresses, i shall have to check out new look next time i am in and have some real cash!

i was playing dodgeball on friday and i was the last on my team at the end =S the other team waited until i had thrown all the balls to their side, i can not aim, and then they threw at ten balls at me at the same time in front of everyone. i thought that only happened in movies =( xx

Lucyn'Diamonds said...

You're so sweet in your wednesday's outfit! And I love seeing you in your high knee socks. *

Stephanie said...

Your first dress is really lovely. It is so girly and picnicesque! And the knee high socks are just adorable.
I really want a pair of lace up ankle boots but can't find them anywhere!

saray said...

I really like all your outfit!

Gerry said...

You have some great looks here... I just wish I could see more of the details!

deep_in_vogue said...

You look sweet on all the photos!

DaisyChain said...

I have the new look wolf tee, it's awesome!

Raquel said...

ohh all outfits are lovely but my favorite is the last one.

Rachie-Pie said...

aahhh!! that new new look dress love it i saw it the other day..!

sabrina said...

fabulous outfits! your friday outfit is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

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