Wednesday, 21 January 2009

: )

This post was actually drafted last night and I forgot to publish it LOL! So, apologies guys!
Thank you to the lovely peeps who have become 'followers' of our blog - yay! Thanks guys, it means much-o to us!
Finally got some outfit pictures going on! Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to my dentist (LOL - I'm terrified), but it was alrighty as it was just a check up. & they did not charge me, hooray! This is so weird, Char mentioned in her last post that she felt scruffy (even though she looked lovely!), I felt the exact same! I thought to myself; meh just the dentist, I'm not going to bother with make-up. This is what I wore; LOL how scruffy!!? Maybe I should've changed? Nah, it lookd quite alright so yeah; Jumper; Topshop. Jeans; River Island and Shoes; Converse. I wore this with my big black bag from H&M too.
Here are some other outfits from a few days ago;
Goodness, I did not realise the lighting here where I take pics is SO awful, sorry! Cover up/cardi;New Look. Tee; American Apparel; Dress (worn as skirt, I love doing this with these items!); Zara. Legging;s Topshop. alot of these pics are from early morning when I have my slippers on, I though I'd cut em outta the pics ha.
Button back tunicy top; Topshop. Leggings; H&M. Shoes; Topshop & Cardi; JOY (from the maaaaaan dept lol).
Cardi; New Look. Top; Zara. Skirt; Annie Greenabelle. Leggings; Topshop (I'm quite into these leggings at the moment, although, with the FREEZING weather we've been having, I usually stick on a pair of black knee high socks first before putting the leggings on, its just too chilly!).
Here, I am wearing my newish trousers that I mentioned in an earlier post - the ones that cost me £10 (yay)! You cannot see the texture too well here, but I've got another picture for that!
Oh goodness, everything's topshop in this outfit LOL. I need a Primark fix soon haha.
There we go, a nice close up of the trousers ha! This picture looks strange as you can see my other leg in the mirror!
One more;
Jumper; Topshop. Skirt; American Apparel. tights; H&M. Shoes; Topshop.
Shopping at the weekend I am thinking (Mulberry woop!), can't wait! :)

Also, I watched Obama-mania yesterday, truly great to watch him taking the Oath and becoming the next President of the United States, YAY!!
Sea .x.x.


FashionSqueah! said...
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love and youth said...

all the outfits look really nice! no scruffy in sight! :) the first one is especially nice, very laid back. xx

FashionSqueah! said...

I deleted my last comment 'cause I managed to get rid of my post, twas right on top of yours since I was making it while you were doing yours! Love the new trousers! Char x

Kathryn said...

cute cardigans!

Carlita said...

I love all the outfits! You have a great sense of style :)

Sam said...

I just like every outfit posted here!

Raquel said...

I really like your skirt.
yay for obama!!

Zoelissima said...

Nice outfits! Not scruffy, just studenty/laid-back-ey - vital difference! xxx

Rachie-Pie said...

llllooovveee weariing dresses at skirts lol so simple and good for the winter!

Ariella said...

You always look so fabulous! All of these outfits are perfect.

Bella said...

Every looks GREAT (!)... love the new trousers. And THOSE tatty jeans are perfectly destroyed!!


giggleness said...

i love all your cardis and jumpers! look great.

Strawberry Fields said...

all so fabulous! especially your man cardigan, im going to get a guys jumper soon, i hope =D xx

yiqin; said...

Very stylish & comfy! I love your outfits! )

clairegrenade said...

yes to everything!!

your looks are really feminine!! i especially love that giant sweater :]

deep_in_vogue said...

I love all of your outfits, babe!!

Lucyn'Diamonds said...

I love this all post of yours, mostly because my style is very similar to your first outifits.

I think your blog is worth to follow. *

anywhere_Smile said...

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