Monday, 2 February 2009

Driving the nail of conviction with the hammer of truth

Oh my, I seem to have fallen very far behind on my posts! I had a very lazy week, I think but it'll be better this week, I hope! So, catch up time; this is what I wore to go out for a few drinks on Saturday;

This lace dress I stole from my Mum's wardrobe at Christmas time, she only has it in case she has to go somewhere and wear black, but since she never ever wears black (I know, she's crazy!) I'm assuming it's mine for keeps! The shoes, which I realise you can't see very well, are from Miss Selfridge and the belt I bought on Thursday (payday, finally!) from Zara. You can't really see the charm bracelet well, but all the charms are little animals, I got it from ebay.

Last week Sea got something she'd wanted for ages, her beautiful Mulberry! I got something I've wanted for a while too; my tragus piercing!

Not the best photo as it is difficult to get a good shot of your own ear!

Saturday's outfit. I didn't do anything too exciting, just the supermarket really!

Ballerina necklace from Topshop.

I wore my new H&M cardigan, It's the prettiest coral colour and my Zara belt, H&M skirt and t-shirt and tights and these black patent wedges from Barrats - they used to be my work shoes but since they're comfy and I no longer have a job, they are just shoes!

This is my outfit from Friday, I was soo hungover after a night out on Thursday (more on that later, obvs!) and so a two-hour lecture was hell! Lunch after the lecture (all the Psych people go for lunch every Friday, it's become a ritual!) and then I did like three hours of experiments for my friends' dissertations *sigh* it was indeed a long day for this lazy student!

I wore my Granny boots, the same H&M skirt and cardigan as before and this animal t-shirt (I squealed when I found it *so cute*) which is also from H&M and is Organic cotton, as if I care - it has a deer on it! The ribbon in my hair is just lace from a local fabric shop.

Thursday night - I wore these shoe-boot things I bought last year in New York because my feet were too sore from shopping all day (PAYDAY!) for fierce heels. I forgot though that these ones are really slippy and the laces always come undone, annoying! I wore the same Zara belt as before, bought earlier in the day (Thursday, it is confusing writing backwards in time...) with a Warehouse dress I scored in the sale for only £13.80 or something! The necklaces are from H&M.

The front of the dress has this cool mesh panel.
The back of the dress is really low, and mesh as well so I took the advice of lovely Selina of Flying Saucer, in her post about bras (in which she wore the same low-backed Topshop dress I have in purple!) and went to La Senza for a low-back converter. They're not perfect, I will say that, but I really hate the trashiness of a visible bra peeking out of a cute dress so I'd still reccomend them to you all! Besides, they are only £5...
This was my outfit during the day on Thursday, all I did all day was get my piercing and then shop before going out, pretty much a perfect day I suppose!

I wore my trusty Granny boots, New Look socks and Marks and Spencer tights. My Zara dress and etsy vintage lace bolero with vintage/thrifted/ebayed pearls.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll be back to regular posting this week as I have resolved not to be so lazy!

Char x


Raquel said...

I like all your outfits, but the best is the first, and that ballerina necklace is to die for! I love ballet related things. x

Rachie-Pie said...

cant believe that dress was so cheap i am jealous!!! i love the mesh section! and i too have my tragus pierced ! I had the bit of 'curve' which is higher on the ear, just on top of the tragus section pierced too but due to hitting my ear on a shelf at work and lots of has now gonee!!!

saray said...

all of the outfits are fab!
I really like the dress you took your mother.. and the zara belt is stuning

Eli said...

what an adorable ballerina necklace!

Kathryn said...

that cardigan is a really pretty color!

Secretista said...

Loooveee the outfits. And I love that you are wearing Zara!

muchlove said...

All the outfits are lovely! I especially love the black lace dress.

yiqin; said...

You have an amazing belt & cardigan! & I love your piercings. Idon't even have one! I am too scared of the pain :(

DaisyChain said...

I love all these outfits, and your ballerina necklace, I've been trying to find some dancer charms!

Ohh, I've wanted my tragus pierced for ages, how bad did it hurt? Haha. I'm so wimpy with piercings, tattoos are fine, piercings not so much!

Ariella said...

The black dress you took from your mother is so pretty - seriously, my mum has not kept a lot of her clothes from when she was younger, like only three things maybe. It is sad.
The ballerina necklace is so cute :) have a lovely week!

kimvee said...

I love the ballerina necklace. It's so precious :P

hanna said...

That studded belt is magnif!! And, i love how we have the same coat ;D i got mine for a bargainous price! best buy of the year.

anywhere_Smile said...

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