Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday 27th

Hey there!
Apologies (again!) for the lack of post over the weekend. It gets a bit hectic at weekends, with work and usually some party, or this week a wedding. I can tell you, Polish weddings are really fun! Sea and I went to the wedding of my ex - and Sea's current - colleague, who is Polish and is married to a Scot. More on that later. This was Friday's outfit; I did some uni work and a little bit of thrifting, I picked up another long pleated skirt to cut! This one is a kind of rusty red colour but I can't photograph it right now as it's in the wash.

Shoes (now completly broken and headed for the bin) - Debenhams, generic black tights, dress - H&M, belt - H&M (I think), cuff - gift.

This is what I wore to the wedding, the dress is kinda difficult to photograph, probably because it's black, but it has sequins all over. The leopard print shoes are a tribute to the bride, who is known for her love of the leopard print!
Shoes and dress - New Look (I hate to admit to that as I find New Look really quite icky, even more so after reading flying saucer's excellent post which completly summed up the slighty yuck feeling New Look gives me!) A slightly better photo of the dress (though it looks cheap due to flash, but actually it was cheap!) and also a couple of old men creepily watched Sea taking this photo and then imitated my (weird) pose!
Today's outfit. As you can see, I am embracing British summer by not wearing tights under my over-the-kness for perhaps the first time ever! It's quite annoying though since they fall down even more without tights, exposing my knees to the world (I hate my knees, random fact).

Shoes - Dorothy Perkins, socks - Topshop? skirt - primark, top - Zara. No jewellery/accessories/brushed hair since all I did today was go to the supermarket!

Char x

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wendybird. said...

oh, i just love that last outfit! its so precious and seemingly nautical inspired. i love that for the summer months. great, great!