Thursday, 3 July 2008


Man, I did not want to get up for work this morning! The morning passed pretty uneventfully, as always, until I was handed an envelope with £20 inside! Made my day, apparently the firm I work for had one a big award so we all got money. So that cheered me up a bit. To shop or to save? Dinner last night was fun, the food was pretty rubbish but the company/wine was excellent! Here's the oufit, photographed as poorly as ever. My flatmate's back now so I have to be a bit more careful about wandering round the flat with a camera. Sucks. I wish I could live alone! An ebay purhase arrived today, a cute brown A-line skirt, but it doesn't photograph well so you'll have to wait for an outfit! And also Glamour (yum) with Fern Cotton on the cover (yuk). A day of balance between the nasty and the nice. Last night's outfit:

Shoes - Miss Selfridge, skirt - H&M, black vest - H&M, tee -etsy, cuff - present (Urban Outfitters!), necklace - thrifted.

More of my Glasgow buys, which I was unable to post yesterday (they're all Primark):

I was so excited when F found these hair bows because a) they're cute and I love bows, b) they were £1 ad c) the brown and yellow one rmeinds me of my primary school uniform (yes, really. brown and yellow. And green).

Damn it! These are what I wanted, grrrr! £7.95 or something at, my new tights haunt...sorry tightsplease! I feel like I have cheated...

Char x x x

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