Saturday, 7 June 2008

Pearls of wisdom

Hey there!
I've been thinking a lot recently about my humble jewellary collection, that's what working in a jewellers does to you! Almost all of my jewellary is costume, I have very few "real" pieces and what I do have is mainly inexpensive silver bangles, nothing really unique. I want to invest in a few good pieces, nothing crazy-expensive but I think that before I turn 21 I should own some decent jewellary! Today whilst serving a customer (and simultaneously window-shopping for myself, I'm getting good at that!) I decided I want a pearl necklace and bracelet. Something similar to the one below, from Absolute Pearls, but with a more secure clasp. A while ago, fellow blogger Curella Says posted about affordable pearls from a site called Pearl Necklace Jewellary.

The process of how a pearl is made is fascinating to me, to think that it begins life as an irritating substance which bothers a gross-looking sea creature and becomes a thing of beauty amazes me! wikipedia has some good information on pearls, the different types and how they are made. My job has taught me a lot about caring for pearls; they don't like contact with water but should not be left to dry out either (a crazy contradiction), contact with perfumes or alcohol is to be avoided and peals should be laid out straight not wrapped up in circles.

I have a string of faux pearls which I wore here. I find them difficult though since they are quite large, I want soemthing smaller, more delicate. Though my fake pearls have a truely divine catch which I haven't seen on any more authentic necklaces!

I also want something (likely a pair of studs) with tanzanite, this beautiful stone which I admit I hadn't heard of until I started my job. It's just such an awesome colour, not quite purple or blue, but I can't afford a massive one or anything with diamonds just yet! Tanzanite is quite expensive because it's very rare and found in only a few places around the world, also it tends to be set in gold or white gold rather than silver which racks up the price.

Jewellary, like designer handbags, are something I consider an investment. Something I'll pass on to my daughters and wear throughout my life. I aim to be one of those weirdly stylish older ladies, in a chanel suit and pearls, my grey hair in a bun with a bow (think Bunny MacDougal from SATC, but fewer ducks and dust-ruffles!). As much as I love cheap, almost disposable fashion I also like the idea of something which lasts.

Speaking of SATC, Sea and I finally saw the movie last night, squee! We both agreed that it was much sadder than expected but I still enjoyed it immensly, and the clothes were devine! Carrie wore pearls quite a lot too, like in the picture below, which proves my inkling that they're about to become fashionable again. It's a good time to have access to discounted jewellary!

Also, today was the fith day in a row I walked past the perfect wedges on my way to work, I like them more every time I see them! I have searched for so long for a good pair of wedges which aren't too high to be worn during the day, yes New Look I'm talking to you...the New Look wedges are nice and a good price but all way too high and slim in the wedge to be viable. Where are the delicious shoes from? Barratts (a fairly boring shoe shop, usually I'd walk right past), at £35 the price isn't too bad so when I get paid I'll be heading down there. They also come in black (meh) and tan (yum).

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