Monday, 16 June 2008

Window shopping

Today I actually wasn't working (for once) and so I had a delicious lunch with my Mum and brother, then me and bro went to do a bit of window shopping. I didn't buy anything, I have no money anyway, but saw one or two things I'll go back for when I'm paid in 10 days time. Payday can not come soon enough at this point...This is what I wore today, how odd that Sea and I both put on grey socks over tights, one of those freaky cosmic things methinks!

Char x x x


Wendy said...

I like your skirt and its glorious button down ways.

jenna said...

nice blog. stupid question but is this two people doing this blog?

girl on the wing said...

love the different grey and blue tones... it works so well x

bluebirdsaresonatural said...

love the grey socks, on both of ye!

our first monthly swop shop is gooo, check it out if you so wish!