Friday, 27 June 2008


Hey there!
Today, after work, I met a friend at uni to (attempt to) sort out some dissertation stuff. We didn't get very far because my brain seemed to wander onto any subject excpet Psychology! Damn my inability to focus! When we came out of our little computer room, the "cubicles" as they are known, this year's graduates were congregating in the building (our Psychology building is old and beautiful) drinking tea and celebrating, in their full gowns and hoods! It was such a pretty sight to see and really began to make me think about my own graduation, which is only a year away now! Actually, Sea's graduation is next month but she remains very reluctant for us to see her all gowned up! So, I changed into this outfit to head to uni:

Dress - vintage via ebay, belt - chartity shop, tights - Primark, black peep toes - H&M, J'aime Paris tee - Dollydagger, bangles - New Look/vintage.

Char x x x

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Nita-Karoliina said...

cute look, i finaly updated mine blog