Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Busy day

I had such a tiring day today, work in the morning and then a quick lunch before I was out to uni to meet a friend and discuss dissertation stuff. It's really irritating us as the supervisor refuses to give us an answer; yes or no, can we do the topic we want to?
Anyway! Sea was over last night for wine etc and below is what I wore.

Another crappy photo, I know and I'm sorry! And I'm wearing shoes in spite of the fact I'm inside my own house and not going anywhere, poser! Skirt - H&M (deemed too short for work, pffft!), shoes - vintage via ebay, nightgown top - vintage via etsy, bangle - asos.

Today after work I changed quickly and went to uni to meet a friend and see our (potential) dissertation supervisor and then to her place to eat ice-cream...

Peep-toe wedges - H&M (the "free" in a buy one get one free), grey/navy tights - tightsplease, dress vintage (and maybe handmade, there's no labels) - vintage via ebay, I wore it here too. Cardigan - H&M, belt - Primark.

I read in yesterday's Scotsman (high-brow Scottish broadsheet newspaper) that men's suits are becoming fashionable again, good news I say as the men in this country lag behind the women in the style stakes. And there is nothing hotter than a man in good tailoring. I never went for the "men in uniform" thing but point me in the direction of a man in a suit, anyday! Men don't have the option of jewellary (we are lucky!) and so a suit can be personalised with cufflinks, not of the novelty variety obviously, or colurful (but tasteful) socks, ties and pocket squares. I can't find the article online though...

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