Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Winning streak

I had to share my most recent ebay winnings, can't wait till they get here! I haven't ebayed for a while, since I've had no money and very little time for the compulsive hours of browsing and multiple purchases I usually rack up. Today I ended up having a look and found two really great items! I like to think of these moments as fashion fate. I was simply meant to have this:

It does look rather short, but I guess I'll be layering it over things anyway so no probs! It was one of those, "I must have this." items which you know if you let it go, you'll regret it possibly forever. I also got a sweet black pinafore dress. I've been looking for a good pinafore for ages, to wear over my many vintage shirts...I did get one from H&M and I love it but due to exam-binge, chocolate-obsession, too many meals out and alcohol it's rather tight at the moment. and since it buttons down the front I'm rather afraid of underwear exposure/button poppage.

Char x x x

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