Saturday, 3 May 2008

Fashion is art

I've been thinking recently about fashion as art.
Often, my male friends at uni make fun of my love of fashion. They are interested in politics/science/current events and I'll admit I often find myself unable to follow their conversations (except science, because that is my degree, afterall!). They'll ask me for my opinion on, say, the American elections and I'll think "I don't care!", even if I lived in the USA I wouldn't care! It just doesn't interest me, but they don't understand that. They seem to think I'm dumb because while they read The Guardian, I'm flicking through Vogue or Glamour, but I don't see it that way. I see fashion as art and it seems even more evident this season:

Burberry Prosum

Alexander McQueen


It really does irritate me that, whilst I try to understand their interests and contribute to discussion, they won't even listen to me when I try to tell them why fashion is important to me and why it is worth knowing about. Don't we all make choices about what we wear? Our clothes affect who we are and how we are perceived but they won't admit to this at all.

In my head, everytime I start with them I begin a kind of lecture/rant a la Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada. And in my head, I win the great fashion debate.

Boys are weird.

Char x x x

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Cool Urbanite. said...

I agree with you boys are weird! And McQueen is really art!