Monday, 26 May 2008

Don't bank on it

Well, I am just so dumb it's unbelievable. How many times in the past few days have I heard people say "Well, it's a bank holiday". Bank holiday, as in a holiday for banks, and yet today I still get dressed and merrily skip (ok, slowly walk, there was no skipping) into town thinking "Ahh! I shall take money out of my other bank account in order to purchase things from shops". Um, no, the banks are closed, remember? Like they are on a Sunday (yesterday) when I did the exact same thing. Half way to the bank then realise it'll be shut. Still I found some nice things in H&M and put them on hold for tomorrow, should make dressing for work a little bit more interesting I hope!
Today I wore:

Silver flats - Topshop (about...a million years ago), tights - Primark, skirt - Primark, top - Topshop, cardigan - H&M, cuff - ebay. Ridiculous pose - model's own. Please excuse the childish paint job on the face but I was looking disturbingly vacant. It reminds me of a time when this girl we didn't like at school showed me this picture on her computer (why I was near the computer of a girl I didn't like remains a mystery) she had added, with the help of paint, devil horns, bogies, crowns etc to everyone in our school photo. This was high school by the way. Very "witty".

Ah well, my purchases await behind the till at H&M. I have also noticed the arrival of about a million tourists in good old Edinburgh, they were queuing (ie standing in my way with giant backpacks) for those crazy tourbuses. They actually reduce the amount of style in the city, I swear. Why is it that in your home town you'd never dain to wear a "fanny pack" a giant rucksack on your front (like some sort of ridiculous marsupial) or orthopeadic sandals, with socks? Yet when on holiday these things are uniform, why not just wear normal clothes?!

Feel free to ignore my ramblings...

Char x x x


Rachie-Pie said...

haha! very funny! I would most probably do the same thing as u...i once asked in topshop what does ODD stand for (it was on the label of a shoe)..she told me..Odd as in odd pair. I dont no why I though O.D.D. Any way can't wait to see you H&M purchases! And FANNYPACKS/BUMBAGS are uber cool!Im looking for one to wear to NYC this summer...maybe its just my style...!

foxtrash said...

haha i always do that on a bank holiday!
as for holiday gear my family always end up going somewhere really isolated and doing lots of hiking (ack) so its a great opportunity for me to look like a tramp and regrow my eyebrows.. i mean, thats what holidays are for right?

ps. ive linked you blah blah blah :)