Saturday, 3 May 2008

Celebrity designers? Bite me.


Sea's previous post on SJP wearing a dress from her own line of clothing, Bitten, to a premiere got me thinking. While I think it's awesome that she believes in her own line enough to forgoe the designer dresses we are used to seeing her in, I have to admit that I've never been all that inspired by what I've seen of the Bitten line. I understand that it's stocked at Steve and Barry's (a kind of cheap American store, right?) alongside a clothing line by Amanda Bynes, called Dear. It always seems to me that, in attempting to design for "normal" women, these actresses take it a step too far and design for boring women.

ruched turtleneck - $8.98, 3/4 length with button, $8.98, navy pencil skirt - $8.98

There's nothing worng with these clothes (well...maybe the turtleneck, beacause those are almost always wrong), and the price is really good, but at the same time there's nothing all that great about them, I just don't see any SJP awesomeness! You can check out the collection for yourself here.

As for Lauren "LC" Conrad of Laguna Beach/The Hills fame...I don't think I've ever seen a more boring collection in my life.

"Lo" dress - $132, "Cheryl" tank - $75, "Victoria" dress - $158

Boring, no? And everything is over $50, why? Are you paying for the fact that she was in an MTV show and the top/dress you're buying is named after one of the characters? Check it out here.

More successful examples of celebrity/high street collaborations are, of course, Kate Moss for Topshop and Osman Yousefzada's collection of dresses for Mango. Disasters included Madonna's 90% flammable tracksuit collection for H&M which my sources tell me (a friend used to work there) was demoted to nightwear and probably still lies in the stockroom.

Back to work!

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JuliAM said...

i have an extremely negative view of celebrity lines...frankly, a star on the hollywood walk of fame does not a designer make.