Saturday, 10 May 2008


Just a quick update on recent buys!
Intended to spend more when char and myself had a little shop, but I just couldn't really find anything, which is a bit rubbish. Although, I love the few things that I bought - student discount rules. I just realised I wont be able to use it later on in the year as I wont be a student no more - ARGH!

Lace top, which I'll prob use as a cardi aswell as it buttons all down the back, woo! From Topshop. We are getting a new Topshop soon, it will be much bigger and better - cant wait! I'm sure Char & me will be checking it out soon!
YAY; new shoes (again)! These were from Miss Selfridge. I've been wearing them alot: around the house, little walks to the shop etc. Just to break 'em in for when I get a good use out of them when we go out to par-tay once everyone has finished their exams and such. Cant wait; summer, no stress and new clothes to wear!
Sea x.x.