Wednesday, 28 May 2008

modelling their own clothes.

I apologise, Char has been updating the blog the past week and I feel bad I have hardly put anything up! I do not have any outfit pictures to post as, *sniff*, I've been fulfilling my barista duties and been at work alot the past few days/weeks. I have a uniform which I cannot really make it my own like Char's!
Although, here is one outfit from a few days ago, something like last week I think?
Shoes, tights and shorts; primark. Belt; moschino. Tee; topshop. Cardigan; joy. Bag; also Primark (I had a visit to it last week and stocked up on lots of stuff!).

Although, recently I've been looknig at models in their own clothes. I love seeing these pictures (is that sad?!). So I thought I'd post some up for any readers to enjoy too!
I really love everything about this, im really drawn to the scarf, looks nice and cosy!

Squeee! Im loving her (if im not mistaken) Vivienne Westwood boots. They looks great on her, oooh theyre just fab, Id love a pair myself.

*Squeals* This is just perfection! Most likely, something Id wear, nice n casual. I love it!!

OK, these are, my dreeeeeeeeeeam boots! I know I pretty much said the same about the Viv Westwood ones, but these are easier to get a hold of (I think). They look like the ones you would get from 'Underground England'. Id love a pair o these in black.

Eeee, I love the socks, the whole outfit, I must have!!

Sea x.x.


Beanie said...

Those Westwood boots are sooo gorgeous! Love your outfit too - might have to pop down to Primark for that bag..

Nita-Karoliina said...

great post! wonderful outfits!!! wow