Sunday, 11 May 2008


I'll admit to not knowing much about models, Sea is really much more knowledgable on this subject than me! Recently I've been trying to learn more and reading this month's Elle UK, I came across an article about Milana Keller and she's definatly now one of my favourites. She comes across in the article as very down-to-earth and has a good attitude towards her weight. Also, we're the same height! Lame thing to get excited about but I don't know many women who are as tall as me in real life (5'11) so I get excited when models or celebrities are the same height as me. She's well known for falling, not once but twice, during the Dior Resort 2008 show. I could post a video, but it feels mean, you can find it yourself on youtube.

Dior 2008 Resort

Moschino, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferré

We are also both fans of Jessica Stam, another model who famously took a tumble on the runway. I also LOVE the Marc Jacobs bag named after her!

Sonia Rykiel (Fall '08)

What models do you guys like?

Char x x x

image credits -, polyvore

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