Wednesday, 21 May 2008

knee high.

Going through some recent threads at forums, I came across a fantastic photo shoot. It was by Emma Summerton from Vogue Italia. The user 'pimmyheart' posted the pictures at forum, but it came originally from The Fashion Spot by TFS member 'Faith Akiyama'.

Here are just a few from the shoot;

What I loved about this shoot (apart from the gorgeous Lily Donaldson!) was the use of tights & knee high socks and various other hoisery. Both Char and myself are big fans of buying tights, cute socks etc!
This shoot inspired me to have a little go at combining different socks/tights together. I loved it! Only a couple will be posted as (just my luck) a bunch of my tights and socks are in the washing! *booooo*

Not many, sorry!
Sea x.x.


Rachie-Pie said...

def a good look!

Nita-Karoliina said...

love that photoshoot. is there a lily donaldson?? wow

Anonymous said...

cool! i think the combinations with more contrast look better (:

Jo said...

I love love love the grey ruched socks - splendid!

gem fatale said...

Ooo I love the grey sock look. Tres bien!