Saturday, 24 May 2008


It feels like ages since I've been able to dress how I like, although I don't object to the dress code at work it doesn't really leave room for much also feels like forever since I had a decent outfit to post!

Skirt - Primark, shirt - asos, vest - Topshop, tights - Pamela Mann at tightsplease, shoes - Debenhams, bangles - ebay. I really need to find these tights in a size that isn't "one-size" because they are waaaay too short!

Close up view of laceness...

I went out for drinks last night with some school friends I haven't seen for a while. I basically wore the outfit I'm wearing in the header, repetition!

Dress - Primark, cuffs - etsy, cardigan - H&M
These are probably the fiercest heels I own. i know they're not even that high but for some reason they're still really uncomfortable! They were from asos like a million years ago when it was still an uber cheap website unknown to the masses. The tights are Primark, of course!

This skirt came this morning from boohoo (I know I should've sworn never to buy anything from there again after fag-gate, but they gave me 10% off and I wanted this skirt so much!) I also got a boring white shirt for work, sigh.

Char x x x