Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Business time

I made it to the bank today (go me!) and then to H&M to find myself a new work wardrobe. In Edinburgh we have two main H&Ms, one (which I usually prefer) which carries all the Trend and Divided stuff and the other which I usually find fairly boring! It has the suits and suchlike, I suppose it's mainly designed for people slightly older than us, but it is allegedly the flagship, weirdly. I had put a few things aside yesterday and today added a simple sort of shift dress. I have photos but they're a bit rubbish since black never shows up well and I had to use a flash, sorry!

Suit jackets; grey (spicy!) and black - £10 in the sale, score! That's actually the 3rd £10 black jacket I've bought, may be a good idea to stop now...
Skirt - £5 in sale, also mistakenly ticketed as an 18 (probably the reason why it's in the sale...). dress, quite boring but a nice fit! Apologies if this is boring! Also apologies for the crappy photography and for the fact that I couldn't be assed to model.
Outfit du jour:

Shirt - ebay (pussy bow! and it has a Mary Poppins-esque pattern!), cardigan - H&M, skirt - boohoo, tights - Primark, shoes - also H&M (also for work, I was breaking them in. They're pretty comfy!).

The work wardrobe of my dreams is a teeny tiny bit closer...when I was a kid I always dreamed of wearing a suit to work, that was basically the specifications of my future job; must wear suit. Teenage jobs with fugly uniforms seem to have cemented this further into my psyche, I'd die happy if I never again wore a unisex, poly-blend, badly sized, polo shirt or some such. Or an apron, unless it was a vintage apron, worn by choice. Whilst baking.

Nina Ricci Spring '08

Char x x x

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Rachie-Pie said...

wooo success with the bank!