Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Challenge

Things are about to get ugly. I have devised a "challenge" for myself, which basically entails no shopping until *gulp* July! It's really more of a depressing reality of skintness and debt, but calling it a "challenge" will perhaps prevent maddening Hamlet-like craziness and a descent into madness and horrible documentary-on-channel-4 style poverty...too far? I like to shop! The aquisition of new things makes my life complete, I am a consumerist! So yes, I have no money, mainly due to my inability to just not shop. Challenge is like a competition, against myself, and in the words of Monica "That's the best kind!", so yeah "In your face last year's me!". Actually, if I wasn't me, I'd put money on my failure, for sure.

Also, another smaller challenge is not wearing cardigans for a week. Tough since my wardrobe is 90% cardigans...

Wish me luck! Tomorrow is the first official day of The Challenge.

Char x x x

Eye of the tiger, obviously. Tigers don't shop, good Challenge mascot!