Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tights love!

Today I'm having lunch with my mum, celebrating the end of exams by returning all my books to the library and shopping with my friend, F. Today's outfit:

Skirt - Oasis, tights - Primark (they say they're grey, I say navy), t-shirt and cardigan - H&M, shoes - Debenhams (a department store we have in the UK). I also wore a scarf thing from Primark as a headband and added the giraffe brooch from ebay.

Also, my tightsplease order (well the stuff that isn't on backorder, or unable to be manufactured?!) got here today! I have mentioned before my love of all things hoisery...

Look forward to experimentation with legwear this week! I'm sick of all my interesting tights and socks sitting around in packets, such a waste.

I'm also waiting for some stuff I ordered from boohoo, it's like the online Primark and while some of the stuff I think I'd break out in a rash if I was forced to touch, some stuff is ok! More on that later, when it gets here I guess.

Char x x x