Thursday, 24 April 2008

Retail therapy

Hey there! Char here, hope you guys are all well and I'd like to thank you guys for your comments, it is actually awesome to know that people whos blogs I've been reading for months are now reading ours!
In celebration of my first exam being over, Sea and I went shopping today. When I came home from the shops (tired and laden down with bags) I was revived by the pile of ebay purchases waiting for me and also decided that today a good time to review new purchases! First things first though, here is today's outfit:
Scarf (worn as headband) - Primark. Grey skinny jeans - Miss Selfridge. Dress (again, worn as top since I am tall, like 5"11, so you'll be seeing a lot of this!) - some random shop in Edinburgh. Wooden cuff - Oasis. Other bracelet (camera hand!) - vintage, ebay. Cardigan and belt - vintage, ebay.
I wore these shoes today since I found them right at the back under my wardrobe (where I keep all me shoes) and thought "hmmm...not worn these for a while". I probably didn't literally think that but, ya know, if I was in a comic book that's what the thought bubble would've said. They're from New Look, approximatly a million years ago (I love their shoes but they make your feet HOT! Anyone else find that?).

About a million pairs of socks/tights which I will add to my overflowing footwear drawer with glee (and a little difficulty). Mostly ebay, some Topshop. Searching for odd/vintage tights on ebay is my new "thing", Mary Quant's are particularly intriguiging, if tights can be such a thing. Not quite sure yet how the heck I'll wear those lightening ones but I HAD to have them...

I've been looking for a ring set for ages so was pretty pleased to find this one in the Topshop sale bit (half price, score!). There's a fair few on etsy, but they're all forged by dragons in Norway using precious metals for the Earth's core or something and therefore really expensive. I also has to get these little white bracelets with tiny stars (alas, not in the sale). The giraffe brooches arrived today from ebay USA, don't know what I'll stick them on yet but I'm sure they'll look sweet.

This dress is for a wedding I'm going to in about a month. I had a peach vintage creation from ebay lined up but it's in need of some adjustment (I'll get a photo later) as it's rather long and also kinda large. It's a shame navy doesn't photograph well, because this dress is nice in real life!

I also got this top from River Island (hardly ever shop there since their overly-embellished things annoy me). You'll have to excuse the crapness of this photo, but you can (sorta) see the cute buttons on the shoulders!

I also got some jeans, Dorothy Perkins (another shop I don't visit all that often) had this awesome 2 pairs for £25 deal that Sea had spotted online and the jeans in it are fairly nice! We did notice that they're made of really thin material, but who gives when it's almost Spring? Also there's Gok stuff everywhere in there and we actually love that man, it's fun to pretend he's complimenting you whilst you're trying stuff on, I am that sad. Also, there was 20% off everything so two pairs of jeans for £20, basically.

Later days!

Char x x x


WendyB said...

Cute shoes!

FashionSqueah! said...

Thanks! I've had them for aaaages!