Wednesday, 23 April 2008


So after handing in that report for uni, I decided to create some outfits from my own clothes, some are outfits that I have worn previously, but I thought I'd share!So here are some, I'll try to list where I got some things from etc. (Also, apolgies for rubbish quality of pictures, I do have a rather fantastic camera, but I really should clean the lends/get a better program to edit pictures - the one I use seems to reduce the quality - boooo).

This is what I wore today; long black top (worn as dress!) by H&M, brown tunic by Topshop (in the sale - £3, hooray!), black woollen ribbed leggings are from H&M too, black belt by Next and boots by New Look. Even though it is almost May, Edinburgh does not seem to acknowledge this as we're getting cold weather & rain *sob*.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome! However, if you think any outfits are horrible, then just lie haha!
Now, the outfit to the right was something I cooked up a few hours ago. Blue patterned top by Topshop, navy dress (worn as a skirt) vintage, white belt from a pair of my mum's trousers she does not wear anymore (!), white tights by H&M and shoes by H&M. Oooh my legs look all slender here - woop! Oh i almost forgot - the jewellery is by New Look, it did have this pendant on it which had a bunch of little gold things hanging from it (hearts, butterflies and flowers etc) but I did not like that so much, i snapped off everything else and just left this one big pearl on it!
Ok, so the picture to the left is really quite rubbish and it includes the camera & my arm pit (nice). But anyway! Dresses are a favorite thing of mine, I'm sure other people are the same!

Black dress; by H&M, black ribbon (seen just below the belt) from a fabric store, belt by Moschino, (this is one of my fave items in my wardrobe!) black knee high socks by Peacocks and two tone flat shoes by New Look. I love how these shoes are a bit Chanel-like. If only they were!

Goodness, I seem to have rambled on a bit in this post, but I hope anyone reading has enjoyed it! But I'm not gonig to go now, I still have one more outfit mwhahahaha.

Again, sorry for rubbish quality etc. This is something I'd wear on a daily basis (minus the camera and funny stance!), I really love ankle boots.
So this shirt is by Topshop, same with the jeans - I'd say Topshop's jeans are the best, even though they have been known to be quite expensive, they do last for aaaaaages and have a variety of fits on waist and length etc. The ankle boots are by New Look. New Look is fab for shoes!
So, I hope I have not bored anyone who may have read this, I just wanted to keep busy for a good hour!

Sea x.x.

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Susan said...

Damn Britain and its crappy weather.

I especially like the 2nd outfit, you do have slender legs even with white tights!