Monday, 28 April 2008


The title of this post is due to my current obsession with KanYe West's new song, i LOVE it! So lovely ^_^
If anyone wants to listen to it who already has not;

So anyway, this is today's outfit.
Yellow wedges (tiny wedge!) with peep toe ; vintage.
Tights; cant remember *oop*!
Blue skirt; ebay (originally by Primark).
Sonic Youth (love!!) t shirt; ebay.
Belt; dont know, taken from those trousers my mum does not wear anymore - it was in a previous post of mine!

Bye for now,
Sea x.x.


Jo said...

That song is amazing - a personal favourite with me!
I have to say I am loving the skirt/sonicyouth tee. It is an awesome combo!

Liberty said...

You're linked :) thanks for the exchange. I love the deer necklace a few posts ago.