Thursday, 8 May 2008

Hot child in the city

It was so hot today! I walked around town almost all day (purchases to be reviewed later) then went back to the Meadows again to hang out with people from uni. I am abosultly loving this warmer weather and it really reminded me of the Sex and the City episode "Hot child in the city" where Carrie dates the guy who works in the comic book store, I always crack up at that bit with the Canadian superweed..."Yes Mrs Adams, I brought the marajuana into the house...and I'm taking it with me when I leave". I had to youtube the song and post it for its sheer awesomeness:

I also took some pictures today in Edinburgh as I always think that clothes and outfits make more sense in context and it was just a nice sunny day.

Nothing really says "Edinburgh" like a piss-stained alley...

Today's purchases in brief, I am too tired to photographn things any better than this or make outfits, sorry! Loving the Ikea duvet cover?

Cardigan (love) - H&M, grey skirt with braces, over the knee socks and green checked skirt - H&M, pink bow t-shirt - Topshop. I also got a summery bag from Miss Selfridge and a tiny ballerina necklace from Topshop.

It's kind of exciting in Edinburgh right now since they're moving to a bigger shop! I am that sad.

Char xxx

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