Friday, 16 May 2008

I have no money!

I start a new job next week and until I get paid I have absolutely no money which is sad. I have therefore resorted to window shopping, or whatever the internet equivolent is. Some things I'd like to own in the not too distant future:


Miss Selfridge

These are all from boohoo, though I am a bit wary of buying from them again, with the risk of cigarette smell and everything. I emailed to semi-complain (why am I such a wimp? It's an email, they can't hurt me!) and they didn't actually bother themselves to reply.

Also, I have decided I'll probably wear the cartoon dress tomorrow night, anyone have any suggestions about what to wear it with?

Char x x x


Nita-Karoliina said...

i made little changes in my blog. go and check out and tell me waht u think :)

Fleurette said...

oh i want that blue skirt!