Thursday, 15 May 2008

Boohoo my dress smells!

Konichiwa! (this will become clear in a bit, I swear!)
I went to the Post Office today to collect my boohoo order. Two major problems I have discovered with the order, the first being that the dress actually reeks of fags! Which is a bit gross, really, as it's not even a second hand one from the home of some ebayer who smokes (that scenario still bothers me but can't be helped, really). I don't want to smell like this without even lighting up (I don't smoke anyway):

This is the dress by the way, the photo's from the boohoo website since I'm too lazy to take a photo of me in it, and also it smells...

The second problem with the dress is more worrying than it's odour. It honestly does make me look like an anime character:

Sailor Moon

More specifically, I look like Sailor Uranus (yes, really) who, I'm fairly certain was a lesbian. And had crap hair. Possibly, the two are related but that seems very stereotypical.

Sailor Uranus

So it remains to be seen whether I will be able to rock this dress out of whether I'll have to take up Cosplay to make it work. I do love Japanese fashion, but I don't think in Edinburgh I need the "I'm here to save the world" look.
Sailor Char x x x

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