Thursday, 8 May 2008



My major exams are now over (just a little bitty one to go) so posting should be a bit more frequent from now on. Today's outfit is below, I just felt like wearing a dress today as the weather's so lovely. I'm soo tired today, after yesterday's exam we went directly to the Meadows (big green space in Edinburgh, good for al fresco drinking, loitering and they have a rad play park) with cider and beer and stayed out long enough to make it to a club, twas a fun night and a weird experience for me being in a club in casual clothes and minimal make-up.

Dress and tights - Primark (not all my clothes are from there), shoes - H&M, white vest - Topshop Tall, misbehaving bra strap - model's own. The pink bracelet on the left was a holiday gift from a friend of ours, the other bangles are New Look and I got the pink lacey stuff from a fabric shop. I look pregnant in the second photo, but I can assure you I am not.

You can see my hair a bit in these pictures, with layers I requested not to have. The hair prompted the following conversation with my Gran (she's like 89 years old);

G (perplexed face): "Some of your hair is long, then there's random short bits too..."

C: "Yes Gran, that's just how the hairdresser cut it"

G (now looking skeptical): "A hairdresser did that?"

C: "Yes, a hairdresser did it."

G: "You paid money for that?"

She cracks me up, really.

Update later, no doubt, as I'm heading out to shop with Sea!

Char x x x

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