Friday, 30 May 2008

recent buys.

I am wishing all the best to Char and her challenge! I think maybe I should do the same as my bank balance seems to be slowing decreasing as I type this. Hmm, it will certainly be worth while in long term I can imagine!
Anyway; heres today's outfit;

Teamed with;

THE comfiest slippers ever.
OK, I did not do much today apart from clean so this is why i'm in me comfies! I love lazy-ish days.
I have some recent buys to show off too;

SQUEAH! Yet again, more shoes!(Dorothy Perkins). I'm having a bit of an obsession with black heels at the moment. Hurrah! Hopefully I will be wearing these when we go see Sex and the City movie tomorrow. Oh I CANNOT wait to see it, mainly for Mr Big/John James Preston. Lol alright, that isnt a MAIN reason, but its a little guilty pleasure!

Just because they were cute. Cant wait to team these with a fab grey dress I've got my eye on from eBay. (These were from good ol' H&M).
And finally, I've ordered this from American Apparel;

Cant wait for it to arrive, I've been needing something like this to throw over outfits when it gets a bit windy/chilly - which is about 98% of the time here in Edinburgh!

OH and one more thing, another picture of a model in her own clothes, loooove it;

So that is it for just now. I must stop spending!! Maybe...

Sea x.x.

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